My boyfriend gets mad at me for little things, why?

i know he has problems with depression and such but he can be happy one minute and the next he will find something to be mad at me for. i dont have cell phone service so i can only call him using wifi and sometimes it acts up and we can't hear well, it also dropps the calls and he gets mad at me and won't talk to me for a while after, then he will text me like nothing happened. Does it just mean that he cares or holds me to a high standard or am i actually doing something wrong?


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  • I'd say he might be a little bipolar. Do you feel like you're walking on eggshells around him afraid he'll explode over what seems like nothing? Communication is the most important key in a relationship, and this becomes even more important when misunderstanding arises. It's possible that he's perceiving it as a disbelief that you are having that much cell phone interruption. As Holland_oates said, he's probably insecure about himself, so just be patient with him and work through it. You can do it!


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  • It means he's a moody little brat.

    Like a naughty child you need to let him know this behaviour is not acceptable and when it happens next pay him zero attention. That's why he's doing it, so you will fuss over him and pay attention.


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  • He's insecure with himself and your relationship. It's a tough place for you to be in, but you must remember to ALWAYS provide for your emotional and mental well-being. Don't let anyone/thing get in the way of that, no matter who they are.


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