Guys, does my boss like me romantically?

Guys, appreciate any thoughts please.

I've been with the company for about 5 months. I get along very well with everyone also my boss. We are in out late 20s. My boss is single, not seeing anyone. He is an awesome man and respected by all the staff. I sit together with other coworkers. He has his own office. He treats me a little differently than the rest. He often checks me out to see how I am doing, finds excuses to come by my desk. Sometimes even when he was extremely busy with no breather throughout the day, he would come by just to steal my glances or stare at me for a few seconds until I caught his eyes then walk away. There is a lot of glances stealing and staring but couple times he avoided me completely as I didn't exist. A month ago I finally got the chance to indirectly tell him that I am not seeing anyone. From that day I noticed he started acting much more comfortably around me. He teases me a lot and a few times copied my actions. We share the same humour and often laugh about things just the two of us understand. He remembered our jokes or some funny things I said then would use those as comebacks when we talked the next time, even when days had passed. A few times when he was sitting with a few of us, he would try to involve me in to the conversation especially if I didn't pay attention. I am quite sure others started to notice this behavior of his also the 'special' way we talk with each other. He told me one time I am special.
I find myself falling for my boss so Im not sure if Im letting my heart over read things. I should add this, Im always told that I am unique, smart, attractive, independent, kind, sweet & what not. Honestly I am chased by lots of guys, many are successful men. Sorry if I come across as self conceited but I just thought I should share this cos Im thinking maybe he just finds me attractive but not interested in any romance with me. Dating boss is not a problem at all where I live so I admit I started having hope.

Any advice?
Guys, does my boss like me romantically?
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