She wants to bring a friend along on our hang out.

OK SO I asked her if she wanted to hang out, and she said OK but can she bring a friend ? I said it was OK, but in reality its not. well now I'm wondering what are the reasons for her wanting to bring a friend on our hang out (experiences appreciated) , and we did not establish that this was a date or anything I just asked her if she wanted to come with me and yea what do you guys think?


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  • come with you where? depends where you wanna go.. how long have you known this girl?

    are you guys friends or you just met?

    Girls tend to ask a friend to come with when:

    she's young.

    she hasent been on too many dates.

    she doesn't know you enough.

    she doesn't feel comfortable enough to be at this place with you alone.

    she doesn't want it to be a "date".

    she wants it be more like a casual thing, as friends.

    she wants to know what her girlfriend thinks of you, cause she might be not sure about it.

    yeah that sucks but I suggest you going along with it to get to know her and next time you ask her out, tell her that you wanna spend time with her alone. maybe you need to try harder and to show her that you really like her =)

    good luck


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  • She's probably nervous wants a support system there. You should bring a guy friend


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  • Yea, the same stuff happened to me. And it is not ok for someone to bring friends along especially when you asked them out. You were looking for one-on-one time right? However she isn't because she seems doubtful of dating anybody. So she brings a "second opinion" along to be a judge for her, and probably make her decisions for her.

    Honestly, when girls do that...I just be blunt about it and tell her how I feel because I'm not bring a "friend" along for support and "second opinions", why should she? Most of the time I'll just dump her and date another girl anyway.

    But if you really do like her, the only thing you can do is play along and see where it takes you. From my experience, it never got my anywhere, but it may be different for you.

    My response is cold and selfish, but I hope it helps somewhat.

    • Dude you seriously put things in perspective like now ima see wassup with her and well yea if it gets to stupid well I might aswell be straight blunt too