No sex yet, is that bad?

I've been dating this really awesome guy for almost 5 months now. He's great. He's the king that I've been asking for and praying for. He respects me and he is hard working. We are officially together he sees me and refers to me as his girlfriend. He has even told me that he loves me and I love him as well. The only thing that has been different from my past relationships is that I notice that we haven't had sex yet. We do get physical in other ways, we kiss, touch each other and we've done oral, we have even showered together. But we haven't had intercourse. I remember having a conversation with him about why we both haven't had sex in a while and he told me that in the past he would have sex with girls and then after he would have nothing to talk about with them and then all they had between them was sex. He said he has had a lot of sex in his past. He said that he wanted to give it meaning again. Now that he has been with me he has said that he loves me before he has even slept with me so that has to be something different from his past. I'm willing to wait. I myself have not been sexual for 9 months altogether. I just wonder what he is waiting for, a specific day maybe. Or could he be afraid to have sex with me? How long do people normally wait to have sex?


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  • It's pretty rare in this day and time to find a guy or a girl for that matter that show their relationship it's due respect, and it would appear that you have done so. The true time to become more physical will reveal its self in its own time. No need to rush it at this point , just spend your time and energy on enjoying each other's company

    • That is true. I will just enjoy him and his company. I love him and like you said it's hard to find someone who respects their relationship and wants to have something real. I guess I should be thankful that he wants to wait. =)

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    • Hmm I look forward to the sexual aspects! Lol Thank you

    • Not a problem , have a great evening

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  • My boyfriend and I waited for six months before we had any kind of sexual contact. For us, that worked well. If you're enjoying his company and he's enjoying yours, without the need for sex, then I guess just enjoy it. It's all individual and you'll be ready at some point but maybe just not now.

    • True. I guess it will be that more special when it finally does happen.

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