If someone tells you they love you when they're drunk, is it true or not?

My friend's in love with a kind of weird guy and he only says nice things when he's drunk and she gets really frustrated and thinks he's playing with her. They're not in a relationship but they've been talking and making out for a while. No sex.

I don't know how I feel about this because in my case, I always mean it when I talk about my feeling when I'm drunk and I don't do it much when I'm sober (unless I'm REAAAAAAAAAAALLY in love) because it's hard for me to express how I feel so I think maybe the guy is like me and actually means it? but she could be right and maybe he's just an idiot. I've never met him so I don't know how his personality is...

What do you think? I need a distraction because I'm not feeling well so please, don't just click on the poll lol I wanna hear your reasons.

  • Drunk people never lie. He has feelings for her.
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  • If you only say it when you're drunk, it means nothing!
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I've seen drunk people say I love you to a pop machine. I don't see marriage in that future. Not to say your scenario couldn't have love, but him saying that does not make it true

    • lol that's true. Some weeks ago, a guy I'd never seen before told me he was really worried for my safety and wanted to protect me or some shit like that. Drunk people can say random things...

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    • True shit

    • Thanks for MHO! 😋👍

Most Helpful Girl

  • I told a potato once when i was drunk that i loved it, then i ate it.
    On a serious note, he may just be shy and the alcohol gives him that boost to admit he loves her. However, some drunk people just love everything and anyone. Dont let her trust his word :)


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What Guys Said 3

  • I am mostly honest when drunk but I am always like this (if there is no real reason to lie). I've told stories that don't even exist when I were drunk so that adds to the wtf moment where I just laugh my shit the next day

  • When I have alcohol in me, I'm more likely to be outgoing, and talk more BUT, I don't necessarily tell the truth

  • I couldn't vote because your two choices pose a false dichotomy. I don't think a drunk would lie about being in love, but they might lie about something else, like not getting fired from a job that very day. I think the booze lowers the inhibitions so the unspoken thoughts get spoken out loud.

    I say love is real.

    • Yeah it's complicated. I think it also depends on the individual because not everyone acts in the same way.

What Girls Said 2

  • The only two times I've been extremely drunk I've shared very personal stuff. So I think drunk people don't lie. Maybe he doesn't love her but definitely has a thing for her

  • drunken words are sober thoughts bruh

    • Yes! at least for me they are lol

    • This is the reason I don't drink anymore.
      All my bitchy thoughts come out and people want to end up fighting me over it. lolol

    • That sucks haha mine are either loving, horny or depressing thoughts

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