Girls, is it creepy to leave flowers on your doorstep?

So here is the deal. I have been on a couple of successful dates with this young girl from work (she is 20, myself 22). We have good chemistry and always playfully get along. This week she has been off work sick with the flu. I don't know exactly where she lives but the village is small. I intend to walk around the village until i find her car so i know where she lives. So here is the question - would she be put off (i. e i am coming on too strong/creepy) if i left some 'get well soon' flowers on her doorstep with a little note even though i don't know her address (stalker-ish)? I intend not to converse with her there and then - she has already mentioned that she prefers to be alone when ill. please help a guy in need


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  • Yeah, that's a bit weird. Just call her and ask how she's doing, ask if you can quickly drop by her place to give her some flowers. Asking and getting rejected is better than doing it anyway and her getting creeped out.

  • Yeah. If you knew her address or had been there it's ok, but it's too much if you're just sniffing out her house. She may not be ready for you to know that.


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