What do guys really think when a girl splits the bill when asked out on the first date?

To be honest it can have different meanings:

- She really likes your company and wanted to contribute by reaching out her purse.
- The date was a disaster and she doesn't want to see you again
- It can be either one of them and so you're unsured

Yes, I've asked out two guys in the past. I wouldn't have mind paying for the whole date (I believe whoever asks on the first date pays, then the 2nd or more it's splitting) and it was really them that insisted on helping out.

Anyways I've done that once when I was asked out. For me it was really # 2. He had a disgusting table manner, eating as if he was in some type of competition, sauce dripping from his mouth and burped (didn't even say excuse me or covered his mouth) and even grosser: talking with his mouth full of food. On top that, talking about an ex girlfriend.
  • She's liked the date and there will be another date
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  • She didn't like the date and doesn't want to see you again
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  • It can be either of them, you won't know till there is a 2nd date
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So yes for me, splitting on a first date when I'm asked out (and I have to take such a long time ironing my hair, along getting prepared ahead of time... since don't like last minute calls), means the date was truly horrible and I want to go home now.
Funny part is that guy thought it was reason # 1 but I guess learned pretty much when I never replied back and blocked him.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Well shit, I wish it could happen more often. That's a win-win.

    She digs me, and I only paid half. She had an awful time, I won't see her again. But, at least I only paid half.


What Girls Said 1

  • For me, I feel guilty letting someone else pay for me, although it does feel nice when a guy sometimes pays for me once and a while. But overall, I'd rather we went half or he pays for his and I pay for mine or we switch back and forth from him pay for one date and then I pay for another and so on and so forth.

    I often wonder though what they think when I insist on paying.


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