Waited too long now she has a boyfriend?

I'll summarize

I've known this girl for quite a while. We communicated via twitter, whatsapp etc. Found out we had quite a few things in common, and flirted too. This has been going on for a few months up to a point where she hinted about asking her out haha. For some reason I didn't bother to haha. Well she probably got tired of waiting for me to initiate, so she asked me out for dinner after work at a sushi restaurant (1st date). since she knows i love sushi, and she loves it too.

Since she mentions that she's a bit of an introvert (prefers doing things alone, staying at home etc) and also i noticed it when we chatted. I expected her to be less talkative during our date. Surprisingly she talks alot! haha and we clicked really well. Like our conversations just keep going and flows. First thing she asked me was about my family, which i thought she was into me. Talked about everything up to a point where i start to like her after that date. we texted frequently, goodmornings etc.

For the 2nd date i asked her out for some coffee. I remember when i asked her, she answered almost in a heartbeat that she would love to. Since we both like weird cafes and plus she was hinting it for some time. I picked her up from her place. Again we can talk non stop about everything. Had a lot in common and i swear i thought she was the one.

however because of my job, I had to move to a different state, about 4hrs drive away. We met one last time before I moved out of town. Again chatty as always.

A month later I was about to tell her about what i felt about her. But it was too late, apparently she's in a new relationship. which i thought wth how. cos the last time i met her she said she doesn't have anyone.

Feeling really bummed. I confessed anyway, so that maybe i can move on quicker. I still can't get over the fact that maybe i'm too slow to tell her how i felt?

what should i do now? should i just leave her and forget her (not contact her anymore)? will i ever have a chance again?
im hesitant only because she's one of those girls that i clicked really well. we never fight and i dont wanna be a dick too lol.

Waited too long now she has a boyfriend?
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