What is "seeing someone" mean?

How does it differ from "dating someone"?


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  • To me:
    Dating someone means you and that person go on dates.
    Seeing someone means you are in a relationship.

    • So this guy told me he is "kind of seeing someone" He also told he can date me but not sure of sex. Does it mean he's exclusive with that girl?

    • I think that means he is dating her. But not exclusive.

      He may be the very few people in this world that believe in only sleeping with one person at a time (I strongly believe in this).

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  • I think seeing someone literally means you've been hanging out and seeing them, it could potentially go somewhere. As for dating some people would say you're not quite official yet but heading that direct or you're in a relationship.

    • Its like seeing where it will lead. But seeing someone doesn't mean they are exclusive isn't it? Because this guy, he is still cool to date me even if he is seeing someone "at the moment" I feel that im a back up.

    • No it doesn't, unless you've talked that you wanted to head that direction!

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  • I think it means dating.

  • It's the step that comes before dating someone

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