Guys, Would you ever date a woman who is nearly 10 years older than you?

I am 33 years old (female) and I look younger than I am. I don't mean that in an arrogant way, if anything it's problematic for lots of reasons. I always gets asked out by guys much younger than me, even as young as 18-20 year olds. Anyway I kind of like this guy, but I was surprised find out that he is 24 years old. He looks older, like 28 or 29. He seems to like me too, but I'm worried about the age gap. If it would put him off or if it would pose a problem? He is very mature, I've been told by friends.

So you would date someone older?


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  • coincidentally... my ex is currently your age... dated her when i was 24. so she was what...30-31 at the time... i'd dated older when i was younger too.
    its just the uncertainty that kills it. i mean, either one person worries that they are too old or the other worries that they are to young and both start thinking about dating closer to their age. thats the reason my ex broke with me. she was uncertain that i was actually taking it seriously and there was no future... i would have argued... it the sex was not so horrendous. i took the win.

    • seriously? i got MH? thanks...
      True story too... real coincidence... she is 33 as of now and still will not take ANY kind of dating advice from me... she keeps saying guys just want sex and leave after and i keep telling her that if they want sex, they'd keep coming Back.
      Just don't doubt... and have some kind of talk/plan... or its all going to fall apart. you might want to make a contingency plan too...

    • Thanks for your help, you are talking in such a mature way- your ex should take your advice!

    • she won't... she thinks age brings wisdom (i don't like the word "mature"... non existent) but the thing is Experience is where its at... and I have experience in more things than i would like to mention publicly. She still asks me how i can run through or keep any girl... while im giving her the tip to HOW she can do the same lol... she doesn't listen...

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  • Oh yeah. Going out with a woman that's 10 years older than me sounds really fun & sexy. I've never done this before but I would be willing to go for it soon enough. I've always had a thing for hot older women in their 30s.

  • If she has a compatible personality, then yes, of course I would. Age doesn't matter that much, neither does looks. In the hunt for a life partner, it's a girl's character that matters most.

  • Unmm nope..
    I would ever mostly date someone if I am attracted towards her and like her and want something long term from her...
    So I don't think dating someone 10 years older would be good.. Maybe she doesn't want commitment or is only interested in sex... Maybe she wasn't children someday? Lol

    So that all matters and it depths

    • *it depends...
      And also is depends if she had a child or not...

    • Alfi most of these young guys ask you or because they are mostly interested in sex... Yes we find women in there 30s hot..! So be aware

      This guy is he likes you and you like him and if you two are compatible then it shouldn't matter... The age gap is not a big deal...

      Just make sure you both want the same thing

  • No I would consider like 1 year older maybe 2 but 10 is a lot, maybe a short term thing if she's really attractive ;).

  • It really depends on how well I know her. I definitely don't seek out women who are older than me, and if I had the power to choose a woman I would exclude women above a certain age. But if I was dating a woman and then found out she was 33, I would continue dating her. I probly wouldn't wanna marry her tho

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