Girl showed interest, rejected me, now tries getting my attention?

this girl showed interest, all the signals that a shy girl likes you, blushing, looking the whole deal.
I talked to her and all that and i could tell that she liked my vibe and approached her once by myself when she was on her own and she was extremely shy and i cut it short because I didn't know want to make her feel too nervous.

so the other day I approach her again with the intention to talk to her, I call her like 3 times she ignores me and she obviously can hear me.
then I call her again and she looks a bit and then I walk towards her and she says what do you want and i say i just wanted to talk to you. she blushes and smiles but then she walks really fast not wanting a conversation and says say what your going to say i've got class, she tells me not to touch her (i say sorry of course). when im trying to say what i want she doesn't stop and walks faster and then I leave.

I text her same day saying "i get that your shy and nervous around me but i dont like being treated like that i tried my best"

she said "what aha, im not shy or nervous"

i said "hangout with me"

she said "im kind of talking to someone"

I said "hanging out with me" again. she ignored.

then I said "I just gave you two chances. im not giving you anymore"

for the past couple of days she shows less interest but at a closer level. like trying to get my attention for me to talk to her.
I've ignored her ever since.

What do you think?
any girls?
what is she doing? playing hard to get? or seeking for attention?


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  • you're an adult. if she's acting like a child then completely ignore her and move on.


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  • Walk away from this dude. She made her feeling known to you. To press farther at this time will either make her draw farther away and possibly ruin any future chance or it could cause a scene and get you humiated in front of other class / school mates

    • Thanks dude

    • I've been ignoring her ever since. she tries getting my attention a lot. talking to my friends in front of me on purpose ( i know when she is about to come over), keeps talking to me but i cut it short, asking me to borrow my lighter etc.

    • If she is being cordial you should respond in kind , but just don't be over anxious. Playing hard to get works both ways

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  • Move on she keep acting immature!

    • she shows less interest as in a different form. its as if she wants me to look at her and talk to her for her to push me off again

    • its up to u but I wouldn't waste my timw~

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    • That picture is so true from my own experience, but let's say the girl does chase you, do you think she's even mature enough to stop after that? No, she's just doing to bolster her ego again that you still think she's desirable.

      You would have treat her like a literal toy for her to stay at all, and that seems like a waste of time.

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    • any girls opinions?

    • You need to update the question

  • Attention seeker galore. Literally do nothing with her whatsoever. If she contacts you, that's her own thing don't even give her a response back. Literally do nothing with this girl.

  • She has a better deal/guy going on in her life and doesn't want to ruin it... but she is flattered for your attention. When she wants more from you, she'll let you know THEN in decisive ways.
    Until then (if ever), smile, be a friend and do what the hell she says!

  • Yo-yo behavior.

  • Ignore unless she ups sexual content of flirting.


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