Kissed her too early. What now?

I believe I kissed this new girl too early. We've been friends before and started to develop a relationship but she ended it all of a sudden. But we've been hanging out for the past week. We've been watching a few movies after school, and started cuddling(her leaning on my chest and us holding hands). But today I spent a little bit longer and I kept misinterpreting her signals because she would look into my eyes and I over thought it all so I kissed her (a peck on the lips). After I left I became scared because it wasn't anything special like our kiss should have been and I take blame for that because I didn't wait like I had planned for when I ask her out in the next week. I also became scared because she will definitely break up with anyone right away if she doesn't feel that the kiss is special. she said that she wasn't paying attention to the" spark" (but I'm pretty sure she's lying bout that), and that she just needed to her best friend (which is a girl). its been a few hours and no word from her. I know that I kissed her too early but what should I do now? I've got an idea of that I'm gonna wait till the end of the day and try to talk to her but not be forward about my motives for asking. just thought id ask for some advice since I've been feeling worse than crap since then, had a knot in mys stomach which is causing stomach cramps

*needed to talk to her best friend. Btw she came out and said that she liked me a lot before the kiss but I just don't wanna ruin what could have happened because of my own stupidity


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  • I honestly wouldn't worry. It was just a peck-there was not tongue or anything so I don't know if that would count has a first kiss. You can bring it up if you want but I don't think its a big deal. You can still ask her out. But just take things slow and I'm sure she still likes you since she said so.

  • Well we're always looking for a "spark" when we kiss I guess but I think that in a little peck the spark comes from how happy you are that the person kissed you! I don't think that its cause to break up over! Your barely kissed her! So I mean just breathe its okay. If she really likes you she'll just be major excited that you kissed her (even if it was just a little peck)


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