Why did my guy friend randomly kiss me on the neck?

I've been friends with him for 2 years (since I started college). He's always been there for me and my other friends through it all. At my college, there's a high population of foreign students and he's one of them. He's Australian. So, I don't know if what he did is a normal thing there. (You know, different cultures have different things.)
Well, I recently was linked to a guy who ended up cheating on me and knocking up his ex. (but that's a story for another time.) I was pretty upset about the whole situation, so my Australian friend sat with me and talked and gave me comfort like any friend would. But I noticed that during our conversation, he would subtly play with my hair.
Things got even weirder when he was about to leave. I thanked him for being there for me and he gave me a hug. When he did this, he casually kissed me on the neck.

My other friends think he likes me more than a friend even though he's never said that to any of them. Also, I highly doubt he sees me that way because I'm not his type. He's always made it known that he likes blonde girls with blue eyes. (He loves Swedish girls) lol.
As for me, I'm the COMPLETE opposite. I'm a medium toned African-American. Lol. That's about as far from his type as you could get. XD
That's why I think the assumptions my friends are making are crazy.
Why did my guy friend randomly kiss me on the neck?
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