Feel weird approaching girls?

For starters, I'm a very shy man. I've been told I'm attractive a lot, not to sound arrogant, but to give some background into my situation.
Secondly, this problem is not really a problem of nervousness, but of how I view it. Approaching a woman is not necessarily uncomfortable, and I'm not afraid of rejection. People are almost always nice. I mean, I have done it before, and have always gotten a number and a date at least... I just find the act weird, and don't see how it is ever done routinely in people's lives. This makes me think twice about doing it. What the hell do I say? It seems so ordinary to me, and so abnormal. I frankly don't see how anyone does it, if they even do. I know this may be strange of me to think this. I also hesitate to make new friends because of it, as in I expect people to start things with me. Honestly, all of this applies to conversations and expressing myself in general.

I also feel like in today's society it's starting to be politically incorrect to approach women too. But this is strange, given I don't expect women to blatantly and obviously approach me anytime soon. Part of it is in how we view it as a type of male oppression in which a woman feels hassled all the time. I do understand this, but I still would like to talk to girls I'm interested in. Obviously the human species need relationships, romantic and other.

Feel weird approaching girls?
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