Too laid back? Or just not interested?

Here's a serious question for the guys. I've recently met a guy who is very "laid back", which is a first for me. He's in his early 20s. His friends say that he's the type of guy you have to drag out of bed to go on a night out with. He works long hours, 5 days a week, travelling up and down the country. Apart from Facebook, he avoids all other social media, Twitter, snapchat, Instagram. He's quiet, but at the same time he's confident with talking to girls. He doesn't play sport, or go to college and He's never had a serious relationship. I'm very attracted to his personality. When were around each other the conversation flows naturally, and we make each other laugh. He complements my appearance a lot and had told his friends about me. He constantly tells me how much he hates texting and prefers communication in person. But because we live an hour distance away from each other, the only communication during the week is through text. I'm always the one to make more of an effort to text first. A handful of time he has ignored my messages and even plans to meet up during the week. So guys I need your honest opinion, as I don't fancy finding out 4 months/ 6 months/ 8 months down the line that I have completely wasted my time. It's still early days, and we're still just getting to know each other. But do any of you see the signs that maybe he's not interested? Or Maybe he is laid back? Or maybe I should give it more time? Am I being to needy? Should I give him space? Any bit of advice would be appreciated. Thank you


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  • Those kinds of laid back types that I've known usually aren't very ambitious types.

    Their outlook on life is extremely practical, and they might not even work if they didn't need the money. It's all about being easy-going and fun-loving and enjoying life in small moments, not about working towards big dreams.

    They also tend to be extremely independent. They go their own way, and you shouldn't expect to change that. They're not the types to fall madly in love. They're not the types to feel madly about anything: they're totally sane and grounded in reality.

    Probably an ideal girl for those types is also one who is extremely independent, has her own life to live. Since these are typically not the type of guys who revolve their life around a girl, it's also healthy if the girl doesn't revolve their life around them.

    Anyway, I don't know how this guy feels about you. It sounds like he likes you, but it's probably helpful for enjoying your time with him to also be laid back yourself. These are usually not the types of guys to set long-term relationship goals. They just enjoy life on a daily basis and just end up seeing and accepting what happens.


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  • Unfortunately he might not be very interested, especially if he's ignoring your suggestions to meet. Most men will make the effort to meet you if they like you, I don't think being lazy is an excuse. I have heard that some men will string you along as a back up girl, he could be doing that. Maybe give it more time and see if he makes the effort to get together with you on a regular basis.