Did I really go too far with fwb?

Was in a friends with benefits for a yr 1 1/2 and we just ended it cause i followed him and caught him with someone else. I know i may have done too much but he was doing too much too by telling me i couldnt mess with anyone else and that he would hurt me, texting me every other day, saying i was the only on, seeing each other 2 sometimes 3 times a wk, he sent me a song, and called me love. So yeah i fell for his lies and now my feelings are hurt. I had hoped he liked and cared about me but i see he didn't. But the reason i followed him was cause i noticed his distance and i asked about it and he told me i was still his baby lies... i fgured out who the girl was and told him and he said she was a friend nothing sexual so i followed and caught him and he saw me. I told him idc that he is messing with someone else just let me know so i can decide if i still want to mess with you. I had always told him i understood what this was and that to tell me when he didn't want me anymore. So he blew up my phone and texted me i texted him back and told me he was grown and he can do what the f he want and to find someone new.
Did I really go too far with fwb?
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