He wants to meet again! But why?

Just wondering what do guys think of girls when their first encounter with each other included a lot of kissing, steamy dancing, and not a lot of talking? =P

I couldn't help myself while I had a great time with this cutie, and after our short time together, he asked me to take his number. Instead I gave him mine cause I didn't have my phone. I totally didn't expect him to call, but he did. He wants to meet up with me again, and while I'm game, I'm just wondering if you met a girl that you were attracted to, and had a good night with, would you think she was easy to get, and would you expect a quickie with her, or would you be genuinely intrigued, because everything clicked that night, and wanted to have another fun night out?

I'm wondering if he could be a potential date, or if he's just another one night stand?



Wow! Just got back from the date. It went soo well! No sex lots of tension. He's awesome. Hopefully he'll call again, if not, it was an awesome night. The only thing I was mad about was that I broke out a little..i hope that didn't screw things up


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  • If he JUST wants sex then his "date" suggestion will likely be "Movie, wine, and dinner at home."

    If you want more than just a quickie then suggest that the next 5 dates be outdoors, mid-day, and without any booze.

    If he's just in it to get laid he'll balk at the "normal date activities."

    Either way he definitely wants in your pants... and is that really such a bad thing?


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    • Bad thing? It's a wonderful thing! I guess I was just wondering how to play the night out. Thanks for the input!

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  • im leaning towards one night stand just based on how you met each other and what was going on. Guess it depends a bit on what he has planned to do with you.

    Personally when I want to meet up with a girl its because I'm interested in getting to know her better, but there's lots of guys that arnt like that

  • only one way to find out. you say you wanna go out? go out. if it starts going places you don't want it to, tell him you're not comfortable with it. if he is genuinely interested in you, he'll understand.

    • True, true. I'll just play it by ear.

  • Depends on what he wants, he is physically attractted to you if you talk to him get to know him, pesonality and mental attraction might lead to a relationship. Only time will tell, what he wants and you want might be the same or different, whatever happens...


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  • haha I actually had that exact same thing happen last month. He took me out to dinner and was really nice but the next night he randomly showed up at the bar I said I might go to with a bunch of friends for a girls night type of thing so he pretty much hijacked girls night and then started saying things like he wanted me all to himself and that I was too good for him and that he didn't want me to go home (it was right before spring break) and that kinda scared me away. It's a shame too cause he was really hot and I totally wanted to f*ck him.

    • Ridiculous! That is definitely a shame. I actually had something like that too! He kept texting and calling, reallllly persistent. While he and I were on different levels, he left before I got to have any "real" fun with him. Poor sport. HAHA.

  • Lol you should see my last question.

    And I have to say that I think he wants in your pants. But if you had so much fun, try going out with him on different date. Don't even kiss him that much, talk to him and have fun in some other ways.

    If he asks you out on another date and seem he liked that one. That he could be looking for a relationship.

    The only sure way to know is to either take the initiative on the date and see the response, or follow his lead and estimate where is he going.

    But I suggest you don't go with the "day date" strategy if your alternative is getting into his pants. xD That will pretty much ruin your chances.

    • Mm so true. I'm not gonna lie, he's a hottie! I'll just leave the door with the expectation to have fun, and let it go from there!! Thanks sweetie!