If he showers you with compliments, does it mean he likes you?

This guy that I have been hanging out with always compliments me. He says "I like it" whenever I do something. He has told me I'm "awesome" and "one of a kind" and "different from other girls" (but in a nice tone, not sarcastic). He has told me stuff that he likes about me when we hang out. Does this means he likes me or is he just talking?


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  • It means he just wants to be friendzoned.

    • Why would he do this if he wants to be friendzoned?

    • because that is always the outcome if a guy compliments a woman too much.

    • As in he wants to be friendzone or that I would decide to friendzone him?

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  • Not just talking for certain :p

    The real question is does he mean everything he says or is he just trying to get into your pants. Has he offered anything? A date, versus going home for a movie? Does he offer to spend time with you? Does he have a well documented history of girlfriends?

    • I mean I'm not a slut and I think it is pretty obvious in the way that I act and everything. We went to get ice cream, play mini golf, and see a movie one night. Another day we went on a nature walk. He suggested that we hang out both of the times and he said he would come visit me at school. He has had at least one girlfriend that I know of and they dated for two years. I'm not trying to be cocky but I would be a significant upgrade from her...

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    • also, he has been trying to break the touch barrier because he gave me a bear hug the other day and he always playfully touches me in the arm, leg, or side.

    • how do I show him that I have taken the hint? Now I am away at school but when we were texting before I left I was super flirty to him!!

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