Weeknight dates, do I stay over?

So a guy I have been seeing invited me over to cook for me during the week.
I live about an hour and a half away on the bus and have to work the next morning.
I will head straight their from work.
We have seen each other twice before and both times I have stayed over.

Do I:
A) Leave after dinner
B) Have dinner, sleep with him and then leave
C) Pack stuff for the next morning and just assume I am staying
D) Pack stuff but don't make it obvious but if the night leads to me staying then I have back up
E) Ask him beforehand

With E, how do I ask? Is it appropriate to do that?


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  • I'd be okay with you staying, but be likely to take a shower AFTER I take mine (if I'm working). Unless it's Friday night, it's best to ask.


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  • i´d prefer her to ask xD cause it may very well be that i really want her to stay over or that i genuinely have no time for that, cause i´m busy next day or something.

  • Pack a bag and assume you will be staying over.

  • Just ask if you can just stay over or not it's not that hard he won't get insulted


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