Is he insecure or not interested?

-we're intimate
-we get along, enjoy our time together
-he's always available when I ask him out.
-he ditched his friends to see me (he said so)
-he hasn't been dating other girls (he said so)
-he's very affectionate, thoughtful and caring, he does little stuffs makes me go aww lol and he always checks if I'm ok while we having sex like if he's too rough, if I'm sore,, he said I was tight so I guess he's afraid he's hurting me.
-he asks about 'other guys' here and there, if I'm dating someone else, about my ex, about the guy I work with.
-I know he likes me.. I could just tell when we together.

here's what make me confused,
-he doesn't really remember anything I tell him. He repeats the same questions.
-he barely initiates text. He's not a big texter, he's been like that from day 1 but now he texts me a lot less and takes longer time to reply. I'm a horrible texter I don't keep the conversation going so could it be that he just don't bother texting me since I don't text much anyways? I only text him to send my selfies and to arrange meet ups.
-he doesn't initiate plans. he asked out before twice but I couldn't make both, since that I'm always the one initiates. He would give me hints that he wants to see me, like asking if I'm free on the weekends, but he DOES NOT ask me out.

I consider myself attractive.. not to brag but when I'm in public guys check me out, flirt, I get hit on pretty much every time when I'm out. Could it be that I'm intimidating him.. or making him insecure?
but he's decent looking, very successful guy though I don't think I'm intimidating him..

is he insecure or not that into me?
Is he insecure or not interested?
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