How to feel less nervous when hanging out with a guy?

I'm 18, not 35. Anyways, honestly, I don't know why I'm so nervous. I've been talking to this older guy for the past two months. He wants to be in a relationship, but I don't think I'm ready. We've hanged out about two times. I really enjoyed our second hang-out because we talked in the car about things for like two hours. So we're hanging out today, and he's going to take me out to McDonald's. Haven't seen him since December by the way. Lol I'm just worried what he's gonna think when I eat or how I look. This is my first time like actually hanging out with a guy.
This is my first time like actually hanging out with a guy in a while*


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  • the only way is by going out a lot you'll get used to it eventually

  • Well if he's taking you to Mcdonald's then we have established four things.
    1.) You're not a gold digger / sugar baby
    2.) You're definitely not from Dallas, Texas.
    3.) It's a possibility that you may be "wife material".
    4.) If you are from Dallas, Texas then that would make you a unicorn masquerading as a woman. Therefore you are not real...

    • Lol not from Dallas, but I am from Texas.

    • I grew up my whole life in Dallas. When I was high school I would take girls to Mcdonald's All the time. When I graduated and left college I found out that girls in Dallas change as they get older. If she's over 16 years old then she won't step foot in Mcdonald's. Where ever you're from - that's where I'm moving. But my job won't let me LOL...

    • Really? Lol I love Mcdonald's. I'm actually from Irving, TX. But I live in Denton now.

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  • If you don't think you are ready in order to be in a relationship with him, you should tell him that, otherwise you will be wasting your time. I don't think people ever think of anything negative when other people are eating. As for the way you look, he has seen you before, so I assume he already finds you attractive.

    • I mean I told him twice, but he still keeps bringing it up. And you're right. We didn't even hang out though. I told him I was free from 12-2, and no call/text. He just now called. Lol like after five hours? Okay..

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