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Here's my situation if you're curious:


Anyways the girl I've been talking to hates to talk on the phone. I knew this about her even before we were talking. But with her gone for a couple of months I want to stay in contact at least a little. But I noticed I'm the one who texts her. She never texts me first. Granted she always replies and have a little text convo. But I was just wondering do you think this is an extension of her not talking on the phone thing and she doesn't like texting either? I figured it would be that or she has been busy for the past couple of weeks or maybe she has a traditionalist view and waits for the guy to text first. Just want your opinion on this. And assuming she IS interested, at what point would you consider it annoying to get so many texts from a guy because that's what I feel like when I text her, that I always text her she will be annoyed about it (she hasn't said this)?


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  • Idk personally I'm really traditional and feel like guys should be the ones to text first. I tend to worry that if I text the guy first on like more than one occasion, he'll think I'm being clingy or obsessive or something because guys are generally the ones to initiate. If she's not interested she's more likely to wait a long time to respond or not respond at all. If you think she's interested, keep texting her first. She'll appreciate it.

    • Us guys feel the same way too, we don't have to feel like we are bugging you or creeping you out, seriously, I hate having to do the chasing

    • Yeah in response, I don't mind always texting first as long as I know I'm not annoying her or coming off as clingy or something

    • I feel the same way because of the same reasons. Although my boyfriend and I have been dating for like 5 months now, and I willl occasionally send him a good morning text, or just a random text to see how his day is going.

      But I would think as long as she replies, then no you are not bugging her.i

  • I think it depends on how long she is talking to you (text wise) Is it just hello how ar you, then quits? Or can you guys hold a good text for a while? I think the duration of the texts says if she is interested. YOu might try NOT texting her for a week and see if she repiles first instead.


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