GUYS: Do you like old-fashioned woman?

By old-fashioned I mean a woman who is traditional and have moral values. She doesn't get into "casual" relationships and appreciate romance.
GUYS: Do you like old-fashioned woman?

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  • Those aren't qualities I seek. When I think about"old-fashioned" women I think submissive. That's a turn off. Prefer my SO to have an opinion and not just roll over.

  • As a man, what I've found throughout life has been a double standard as to how men perceive their own sexual behavior versus that of a woman. Consistently, I've met men who wanted a "good" girl who didn't get around but felt it was okay to sleep with every woman available. The findings are interesting.

  • Yes, very much, and for the matter maybe that would be my only real standard at this point in time a part of some other minors.

  • I like old-fashioned women with a freaky sex drive that she only wants to unleash on the man she desires and wants to be romanced by.

  • We do like , in fact we love Old fashioned women ,
    Problem is only 1 in 1000 man can afford that shit, we got other things to take care of so , we are usually going to say Pass

    • Where is the "we" part coming from, because old-fashioned women are not my type?

    • @Northwest101

      well on a public platform, We refers as "a lot of people" or course there are lot of exception like you and also the gay Guys..(Not stating as in You are gay, just stating a fact, ) like some guys are not into women,

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