GUYS: Do you like old-fashioned woman?

By old-fashioned I mean a woman who is traditional and have moral values. She doesn't get into "casual" relationships and appreciate romance.
GUYS: Do you like old-fashioned woman?
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Yes, I prefer old fashion women. In my experience so called "modern women" are not real women at all. They make bad mothers and wives and are not worth a man's time and energy.

    • Don't ever give up your old fashion values and make sure you get a man who appreciates them and treats you like a queen, because that's what you are. Traditional women like you are rare these days and deserve to be valued.

    • Yeah, I am proud of who I am. The problem is that most men nowadays seems to doesn't value girls like me nowadays, they don't have patience to win me, they only wants easy and fast relations. :(

    • Well, don't give up and don't change. There are still lots of guys who prefer and value women like you. It's true that "easy and fast" seems to be the expectation today, which unfortunately removes the motivation for many guys to commit, but those guys aren't worth your time anyway. Hold out for a good guy. You're worth it.

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  • I like some of these qualities.

  • Yeah I would like that


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