Guys: Do you kiss girls that you have no feelings for?

My issue:

He is a very long time friend.

He has been to war

we had sex twice

we have kissed out of no where before

So... Does he like me in your opinion?

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Update, I thought I mentioned it in here. But he has admitted to taking interest in me a few years ago. But I have not asked him in year because when he came back home, he was changed.


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  • To answer your first question, no I don't kiss girls that I have no feelings for. I believe that holding hands and kissing and stuff like that, let alone having sex, are things you do with someone that you care deeply about and are committed to, not with whoever will do them with you. As to whether he likes you I can't say because I may well be in the minority these days about everything I just talked about. He obviously finds you attractive on some level or he wouldn't likely have sex with you or kiss you. Whether he really cares about you is a different story...


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  • I'd say he likes you. I can't speak of other men but I would never kiss a woman that I didn't have feelings for. It's not right to mess with someone's feelings like that.

    • Thanks that helps me a bit. there are loads of guys that feel differently on the subject. But deep down I don't think he would be that cruel. but you never know :) thanks for the feedback

  • You had sex with him, twice? Um sex trumps kiss. End of story. He digs you.

  • Not totally true. When I was single I kissed girls that I had no feelings for. As for kissing guys, if I had no feelings for them they usually weren't into kissing anyhow.

  • Military guys sure do. It's part of their unwritten code. Considered 'strong' to go to as many prostiitutes as possible, and no better when they get back home, often.

    • I really don't think all Military men are. My friend doesn't do stuff like that. and he has admitted to taking a liking into me, years ago. but one thing I do know, he doesn't think of women like that.

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    • The military trains guys to have that atttiude. Not all accept that training, but gee, look at the VD rate among the military!

      True, some civilians are the same, of course

    • Yeah.. But I don't think he is among those guys. he treats girls with respect. and has cooked for me. he cares, and watches out for me. So I really don't think he is among thoseeee guys

  • Do I kiss girls I don't have feelings for? No

    I have almost the exact same situation, the only difference is I have never admitted having an interest in her. I'm not shy, not the bada*s wannabe type that has no emotions, have always be upfront about how I feel about a girl except with her. Just for some reason that I don't know I can't tell her what she means tro me, I can't even ask her out on a real date. There has been so many oppritunitites to do it and I just stay silent. I care for her more than anyone I have in my life. I hate making her feel bad I either need to tell her or leave. In my opinion I think he does like you.


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  • I answered this in a poll, without seeing what else you had written. I thought it was just asking in general. Your case sounds more like he is interested in you. So, I my vote is actually no.

  • i think he definitely likes you and is deeply attracted, but I don't know if he wants to committ right now...

    a lot of men are this way, they will meet several girls they like, will date around, its part of the growing up experience and they might meet one girl they intensely like, but may be due to other obstacles or priorities they just can't committ at the moment...usually due to career school or in your case the military...

    i think you should talk to him and ask him what he considers you are you boyfriend girlfriend or what...and just let him know you care about him and will always be there for him...

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