What do guys tell their friends about a girl? Do they talk about girls they’re not interested in?

So basically i told this guy over Snapchat that I thought he was cute and that I had been flirting with him and he just said he hadn’t noticed. I hadn’t been flirting with him, I don't know why I said that. I thought that was a lame-ass answer and I waited for a reply (for like 10 minutes) and then I blocked him. I thought he obviously wasn’t interested so I moved on. I found out later that he was playing in a game that afternoon. That happened at the of school year last year in June 2017. We’re both in high school. When school started back up in September, I rarely saw the guy, but when I did he would just stare with a blank expression on his face like he wanted to say something. He would just stare me right in the eyes but I couldn’t handle it because I would cringe every time I saw him because I was so embarrassed. Once my friend and I were talking to this hockey guy and I saw the guy I liked walking towards us over the guy I was talking to’s shoulder and we both made eye contact. But me being me, I couldn’t hold the eye contact so I broke away and kept talking to the guy. When he walked past us, like inches away from us, he turned his head and looked right at me. I noticed his friends, like his closest friends, have been giving me looks, not like mean looks but Iike acknowledgement looks, they even smile sometimes. I thought I was being paranoid, but then one of his friends completely turned his entire head when he noticed I saw him looking at me. I looked back and I saw that he was staring and he kind of flustered and turned his entire head back and kept walking. Once when they were all together, I saw his friend kinda like nudge the guy I liked and told him something and he and the rest of them started looking at me. The guy obviously told his friends about me, but I don’t why though. It happened like 5 months ago, why is it still such a big deal? What did he tell them? Would a guy tell his friends about a girl he wasn’t interested in?
We had already known each other before I sent him the Snapchat. We had a class together. However sometimes when we snapped, he would send pictures of himself in bed even when I sent a picture of nothing.


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  • yes guys tell there friends about girls and they sometimes tell people about girls there not interested in if there's a funny story or nothing embarrassing happened to them although this guy in ur situation definitely either likes u or wants to jump ur bones it can be really hard for girls to tell the difference sometimes especially cause of the idiots that put so much effort into it like there r actual barney Stinsons but if u find him attractive enough to at least have sex with once id say its a win win and u should act on it

    • i personally try to share not much info only the necessary which is what ud tell ur mum

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    • that could just be vanity or sillyness the lame answer he probably tried but is not good at helping i wouldn't say it meant anything but like i said its a win win if u find him attractive cause he will definitely want to have sex with u its rare if a guy turns it down so id just ask to go out and see what happens and make ur decision based off that

    • What makes you think he is interested?

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  • I be like daaam she got fat ass.
    An'den dey be like aaahaaaa bruh thats funny.
    Ok none of tgst happen.
    Guys typicslly talk about there impression of her. Weither she's for her or not, what she did, how is she, her bio. Basically but on half the details.

    • Fat ass? What do you mean? What do you think it means when he told all of his friends about me? Multiple girls have liked him and he didn’t tell all his closest guy friends. his friends have looking me ever since school started in September

  • It seems that you are more interested in him, if you really are than i can put some effort here, there are two possibilities that 1) this guy might have told his friends that you like him and your conversation with him on snap chat and now to prove them what he said was true, they all are noticing your reaction when you see him. 2) he has started liking you and want to take things to the next level. Now its upto you to respond him or ignore him.

  • Dear Cher.. we guys do share infos about girls we like and we do stare sometimes, its maybe kind of spooky but its nothing to fear of 😃 Its a sign that we like the girl 😉

    • Can read more of my details though

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    • Would a guy just tell his friends about a girl who weirded him out? I don't know if he is necessarily into me

    • No problem :-)
      Of course. I mean, i'd tell my friends. I dont see a different explanation for staring and everything his friends did but that he likes you.

  • TL:DR But why the fu*k would anyone even think about talking about someone that their not interested in. And guys have the same babble about girls they like as girls do about guys.

    • Maybe if you read it, you would understand. I told him I liked him over Snapchat and when he didn’t reply fast enough, I blocked him. I wondered if he just told him because he thought it was weird

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    • He probably told his friends then if he noticed and asked about that

    • Well do you think he could of been waiting for a reply after he told me hadn’t noticed. He was on the bus to a game at the time. You think he’s not interested in me even after he told all his friends and keeps staring at me?

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