What do guys tell their friends about a girl? Do they talk about girls they’re not interested in?

So basically i told this guy over Snapchat that I thought he was cute and that I had been flirting with him and he just said he hadn’t noticed. I hadn’t been flirting with him, I don't know why I said that. I thought that was a lame-ass answer and I waited for a reply (for like 10 minutes) and then I blocked him. I thought he obviously wasn’t interested so I moved on. I found out later that he was playing in a game that afternoon. That happened at the of school year last year in June 2017. We’re both in high school. When school started back up in September, I rarely saw the guy, but when I did he would just stare with a blank expression on his face like he wanted to say something. He would just stare me right in the eyes but I couldn’t handle it because I would cringe every time I saw him because I was so embarrassed. Once my friend and I were talking to this hockey guy and I saw the guy I liked walking towards us over the guy I was talking to’s shoulder and we both made eye contact. But me being me, I couldn’t hold the eye contact so I broke away and kept talking to the guy. When he walked past us, like inches away from us, he turned his head and looked right at me. I noticed his friends, like his closest friends, have been giving me looks, not like mean looks but Iike acknowledgement looks, they even smile sometimes. I thought I was being paranoid, but then one of his friends completely turned his entire head when he noticed I saw him looking at me. I looked back and I saw that he was staring and he kind of flustered and turned his entire head back and kept walking. Once when they were all together, I saw his friend kinda like nudge the guy I liked and told him something and he and the rest of them started looking at me. The guy obviously told his friends about me, but I don’t why though. It happened like 5 months ago, why is it still such a big deal? What did he tell them? Would a guy tell his friends about a girl he wasn’t interested in?
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We had already known each other before I sent him the Snapchat. We had a class together. However sometimes when we snapped, he would send pictures of himself in bed even when I sent a picture of nothing.
What do guys tell their friends about a girl? Do they talk about girls they’re not interested in?
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