My boyfriend wants to go down on me. But I'm nervous about it.

We've been dating for over a year now and about 6 months into our relationship we had sex for the first time. Recently my boyfriend has expressed his interest in performing oral sex on me, but I'm holding back because I'm really nervous about it. Just the thought of having someone kiss me down there makes me squeamish. I just need some advice. Like what does it feel like?


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  • Oral sex is very commonly performed among couples who have been in relationships for a while. It's perfectly normal - BUT if you are uncomfortable about this - DO NOT DO IT. Never let a guy force you into doing anything sexual that you have not consented to! If anything is forced on you - this is assault. A crime. Just remember that. If you DO decide you'd like to try this - and you MAY like it.. be sure you are CLEAN.. Scrub yourself in a bubbly bath to make sure you smell VERY VERY GOOD. The biggest complaint from a guy is that the girl doesn't smell good down there. You must be VERY clean or it won't be a good time for your boyfriend at all. We have been referred to as smelling like FISH when not clean. Not good! ... A little trick that I have learned is to put a little dab of Bath/Body Works Lotion just underneath the "hood"... just a DAB... and rub it in a little... Makes you smell even more nice. One guy complimented me and said I smelled and tasted better than any other woman he'd ever been wtih. And sometimes.. you need to do the "finger" test... Touch yourself.. and then smell it. If you smell OK to you - then you're good to go! And you can taste your finger, too... just to see what the guy is tasting.. Enjoy, Sweetie. Don't stress. Just be sure you are ready. Hugz.


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  • Naturally I can't express how it "feels" since I'm a guy. However... I enjoy it immensely. And my wife just loves how it feels. I find it passionate, intimate and exciting. The taste is unique and if he likes it (such as how I do) he will want more.

    That being said, as with all sexual acts, activities, positions, etc. it's up to you.

    But it's meant to be an intimate expression, not a violation or invation or anything.

    Because this is posted 11 months ago I hope that there has been some resolution by now.

    Don't discount this opportunity into a new advanture. As with everything, if you give it a try

    and don't like it for any reason, if your boyfriend is worth anything, he will honour your request

    to stop.


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  • I would say you should let him. I know it may be a little uncomfortable to think about but I loveee when guys go down on me..Some guys don't like to so you should be glad he wants to :)

    Just make sure to shave and soap and smell good down there so you will feel more confident about it. Just let him do the work, Trust me. You'll love it :)

    Have you gone down on him?

  • I was so scared and nervous and didn't want it my first time but my god will you love it... just do it trust me

    • Thanks :) I'm just scared of the unknown.

    • Its all up to you no one can push u. but I used to be so nervous also, I'm very self conscious about myself and so it takes me time to do different things but I found that all of them have made things better and more exciting. in my opinion DO IT!!! IT feels amazing words could not describe it lol well as long as he knows how to use his tongue.