I just found out there's a "too pretty?"

so I got some pretty good answers from a question I had just hadn't asked yet but another question is, I just found out a few days ago there IS such a thing as "too pretty" and apparently when you're "too pretty," that could scare a guy away or something to that extent? well, I guess my question is, why? and how pretty is too pretty? it's just weird I don't understand it. there's a "not pretty enough" then there's a "too pretty?" that's a small scale don't you think? everybody's equal I guess I just can't grasp how, in a guy's mind, looks affect equality. so can someone explain this to me please? thanks in advance:)


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  • Too pretty, out of my league, etc. is really easy to be. For me any girl I consider attractive I say is too pretty because I'm fat and ugly. Basically being a pretty girl you're going to intimidate a lot of guys. So you're going to have to be putting in the extra effort possibly because guys will be afraid of you turning them down. There is an in-between too that's "just right" it's not just an all or nothing option for looks.

    As for what exactly is too pretty, that will be different for every single guy.

    • Thank you for your response...and don't say that....story time! ;) I dated this guy that everybody called "poodle" because they thought he looked like a poodle..seriously. he had intense acne and everybody repeatedly asked me why I was dating him (huuuge pet peeve of mine) and I ended up falling in love with him:) we didn't work out because I got scared but all these varsity assholes stare at me or talk about me and I end up with WOW and Call of Duty nerds. guess I speak the same language XD

    • Lol I'm one of those nerds...

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  • Once you have a guy, there is no such thing as too pretty. Looks can effect a guys mental state when he's approaching you to talk to you, but after that it goes away.

    That being said, there is no such thing as too pretty, that's like saying someone is too awesome.

    And if either of those girls are you, then you have nothing to worry about.

    • You must have some decent confidence if you think there's no such thing as too pretty.

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    • Oh I thought that was superdudeman commenting on his own comment lol sorry my mistake

  • well they just say that cause they are nervous and shy

    i can say although I'm shy

    and if a super pretty girl comes by I feel it worse

    but its just cause they have been hurt before (who hasent rejection is trama)

    if your the pretty girl then id say cut the nigga a break and introduce yourself

    or even if your not pretty type id say cut the nigga a break

    we don't get approached much

    and it would be nice

    it would be more then nice actually

  • well for me when I see girl that looks stunning I think wow she must have a lot of guys after her cause I'm probably not the only guy who thinks she's really attractive. And a lot of guys must be talking to her so I don't know where I would stand within all those other guys. And like the other guy said she has many options, so I don't wanna just be her toy and when she's done with me go on to the next guy. So I would say it's more of a thing of me saying I'm not good enough and dealing with my insecurities.

    Obviously not all girls are like this and its a generalization but still I guess it's just the chance of being rejected and being only a number in her phone isn't that ideal.

    It could also be a thing of me not being good enough for her.

    What we all said is all judging but I guess our experiences have made us think like this.

    We all judge but if you think about it. We've been judging since we were born. Just judging in a different manner.

  • I tend to avoid the really pretty/popular girls. Not that they're bad people, I just go for the nicer/cute type of girls. I have this stereotypical mindset that girls who are prettier than others are higher maintenance and are more bitchy. It's also possible that a guy decides a girl is 'out of his league' and then chooses not to go for her.

    • But I even get hit on from girls, so I'm guessing I'm doing SOMETHING right, regardless I'm not high maintenance.im honestly not I like shopping but rarely do it, I hate asking for things, I hate being around girls that are high maintenance because it makes me uncomfortable.in some ways it makes me feel like it's rude.i can't really explain it..for instance, my brother's exgf is the most high maintenance girl you'll EVER meet and I can't stand her because of it. she thinks money grows on trees

  • in my opinion and observation and a little experience...its just with some guys. hott/beautiful girls are out of our leaque and some of us know that these hott/beautiful girls etc have "options in life" and they will leave anytime for another guy plus a lot of these girls are stuckup too or taken by those so called alpha males like jocks and such ... plus some of us shy guys prefur them types of girls to choose us and make the first move etc

    • That's quite judgmental though don't ya think? no offense to all guys and it's understandable to try to prevent getting hurt at all costs, we're only human we all do it, but to assuming she's a c#nt because she's pretty? that's very interesting though...i have noo idea where this whole thing started...maybe it's the way society projects a pretty girl's personality. like that movie mean girls that most of my guy friends like, all of them are bitches...that's how it is in most movies.it's not

    • Always like that though...i think it depends on how she was raised as oppose to her looks. she's stuck up because she got everything she wanted from her parents by saying "daddy" and her "friends" won't tell her when she's being a bitch. I guess I just didn't understand how there could be a too pretty..lol thanks:)

  • It sounds like an attitude thing rather than physical looks per se. My friend who looks superhot but in person unapproachable remains... unapproachable to the average Joe. I mean, human beings are social creatures afterall. She tends to get hit on by cocky or obnoxious guys, and she often ends up asking unsatisfied in the relationship. Compared to another friend of mine - she's cute, and she's really personable. Man you won't believe how many guys are crazy about her.


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  • Um, I think you're looking at it the wrong way. It's not that the girl is "too pretty", it's just more so that a guy thinks he wouldn't be what she's looking for. From what I've noticed, most guys not only base this perception on a girl's physical appearance but also on how the people around her respond to her. Classic example is the "popular girl" in high school, most of the time this girl was mediocre looking but because everyone else hyped her up so much most guys didn't think they stood a chance cause she could have any guy she wanted.

    Long story short, from my understanding (haha cause I'm not a guy so I guess I'll never know for sure), "too pretty" is just another way of saying "intimidating" :)

  • I don't think so..