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  • It's gonna sting most guys but eh.

    She may be shallow but still guys are gonna want her despite of that because she's hot. They'll run only after girls like that, despite of knowing how ridiculous their standards are (nothing wrong with being picky by the way, js) .

    Whereas simple and average gals (yay me!) are overlooked because we aren't as good looks as them.

    When finally guys realise that they can't really get that girl, through settle for likes of us.

    Maybe it happens with guys too.

    My point is, unlike what 99.99% GaG thinks, women don't have it easy either. I'm talking about average 5/10 or below girl. It's only 6+ that have it easy, both men and women.

    • "She may be shallow but still guys are gonna want her despite of that because she's hot."
      That's not insulting, that's just human nature.

      "They'll run only after girls like that"
      I entirely disagree here, most guys know they have no chances with really attractive girls.

      "Whereas simple and average gals (yay me!) are overlooked because we aren't as good looks as them."
      Well... that goes both ways.

      "When finally guys realise that they can't really get that girl, through settle for likes of us."
      Considering men are expected to make advances, I find it logical that they'd try their luck with the highest value partner possible. When girls start asking out guys as a custom, we can talk about whether it is an ethnical move, but I doubt girls who ask out guys normally go for total losers (Not saying you are, it's just a figure of speech).

      "Maybe it happens with guys too."
      You bet your ass it does.


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    • @ManOnFire aw that's very sweet of you 😅 I personally think otherwise but thank you 😇

      by the way Indians are also obsessed with white skin :/

    • @Schrodingerscat Yeah, I know they are too, and that bothers me.

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  • Such unreasonable standards and almost felt like it was things incels think women look for. God this woman is dumb lol. She should have led with the dealbreaker and then decided from there if height really matter that much or if she was just trying to show off at that point. I understand wanting someone who enjoys what you do and has similar life plans and all, but the height one was the one that fucked her, it's hard to find love when you cut out such a huge chunk of the population because of their genetics. I see it as the same as refusing to date an Asian or a blonde simply for being either of those things, it shouldn't be so important but women are convinced that their standards should never lower at all, presumably because they gain so much self confidence from knowing they're seen as attractive and high value. Seriously, they'll complain about men who have specific preferences like only liking skinny girls, then they turn around and say their standards are just what they prefer and no one should want them to change.

    • "I only date women who qre shorter than 5'3" with at least C cup boobs, she has to be no older than me, so 22 (I don't want to date a granny). She must not party because I think drinking is stupid and she must enjoy walking away from sex covered in bruises. She has to conform to all my demands or else we simply can't date, my standards are set in stone and can't be changed. I don't want to date some loser who falls into 90% of society, I just want someone with a similar personality to my own who is a specific height, age, and physical fitness level." They may as well have filtered out short guys and guys below 26 to begins with since those two alone will likely cut out 80+% of the men.

    • Bitch wants to party her kidney to death and then have kids at 34 or whenever she finally decides she's done being a child herself, fuck her, let her do her dumb shit and then end up alone, maybe women will eventually learn to pick realistic desires in partners, she may as well have added in "I dont date micro penis, if yours is below 7 inches then leave." Actually, she was probably getting there but everyone bailed too early.

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  • Just silly. It wouldn't shock me if she did die alone with such ridiculous standards. The baby thing obviously makes sense but height and age aren't that big a deal

    • Actually, I'd say that's equally if not more unreasonable. She is 26. That means she doesn't want kids before 33.
      As you can see, after 33, the chance of a defect in the child is rapidly increasing. Unless she can time it perfectly, and have one kid at 34 and one at maybe 35, she is seriously risking down syndrome or other diseases for the kid.
      Obviously it is not much of a gamble, but she is definitely irresponsible.

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    • Well that's probably another reason why she will end up alone but as someone who doesn't want kids, her suggestion of wanting kids in 7 years would be the deal breaker.
      Sure but traveling becomes even more difficult when a child is involved which I think was her point. She wants to at least have the opportunity to save up some money and travel before her money and time are focused entirely on a child. Traveling is pretty simple these days though. Someone without commitments and the desire to travel really has no reason not to.

    • I might not have the same perspective about travel - being from Eastern Europe, let's just say on a month's salary here you could survive in the US foe. About a week. So you might be right there.

  • These guys are so beta lol, this is the definition of being desperate. Not to mention that it's highly unlikely any relationship like this would even last, considering it's such a forced environment and not a natural zing like regular couples.

  • I think she's conflating "values" with superficial preferences. There's nothing wrong with having preferences, no matter how ridiculous they are, so long as you can live with the consequences of having unreasonable standards.

    Again, having high standards is good. Having unreasonable standards is also OK. Not accepting the consequences of having said unreasonable standards is not OK.

    Like one of the guys told her at the end of the video: "You're gonna be single for a while." And he's right. It's not because she's not attractive, it's because her standards are unrealistic. At the end of the day, it's her choice; it's completely up to her.

    I saw the video with the reverse; where it's a guy surrounded by women. His criteria were not as restrictive, but he had one that was very unreasonable: She MUST BE a professional artist; as in her career has to be in art or something like that. I thought it was idiotic.

    LOL @ the Thanos or "TIFFTHANOS" reference.


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