No feelings after the kiss. What does it mean?

I kissed with one guy, and I really liked him a lot. I found him interested and hot. But the problem is that when he kissed me(real-french kiss)) I didn't feel anything. I mean he was so excited about this, and he also was shaken, whereas I just was neutral. What does it mean?

As for me It wasn't bad) Moreover, I really wanted that is well. But nothing have happened...


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  • You didn't hold attraction with him.. Think about it - in the same situation if you both wanted to kiss each other but yet "something" kept you from doing so, you'd probably want to kiss him even more.. E.g. If he were to not have kissed you that night and instead waited, letting you dwell about what it would be like to kiss him..

    The thing that, I believe, happened is that you had all these wonderful expectations for how great you'd feel when you kissed him.. But in turn, those feelings weren't satisfied because there was no tension in the situation.

    Every time I think about lust/love/etc, I get butterflies, but when I don't feel those butterflies - it explains exactly what you are talking about.. That "feeling" of neutrality.

    So when would you feel the same? For me, I'd feel TONS of butterflies for someone that I was strongly attracted to, but those butterflies would be non-existent with a friend.. So here you are, you like this guy a lot, you're wanting to kiss him, then BOOM!.. The kiss happens? It's almost like you get what you want right then and there, as if he's your personal butler.. There's no fun in that for me.

    I want TENSION! I want EXCITEMENT!.. I want to doubt that she wants to kiss me.. Get my drift? I want to feel as if she COULD be interested, not that she is.. Because then it's absolute.. But when she "could" it leaves a SMALL hint of doubt in my mind.. That doubt is like the perfect seasoning to go with my meal, without it my meal would be bland and boring.. I want that SPICE.. that kick in the pants that I made a damn good meal.

    Hope it helps,



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  • It may be like everyone says and that you aren't really that attracted to him. It's also possible that you liked him and wanted him to be what you thought he was, then, when you saw he was excited and shaken, it turned you off. Many girls want a guy who knows what he wants and isn't afraid to go after it. If that sounds like you, then he may or may not have that type of personality locked up behind his insecurities. Are you willing to wait around to find out? One of the main problems with developing relationships is both guys and girls want to be chased. So his nervousness and excitement may have been because he was unsure if you really wanted him to kiss you.

    The other possibility is that you are attracted to him on a physical level but he just doesn't have the type of personality you are looking for. Being excited to kiss someone who is hot is a lot of fun, but if you've done it before, you get to the point where you realize that what you really want is someone who is hot AND has the type of personality that you click with. Then you may or may not get butterflies, but you will feel very attracted and attached to that person.

  • You don't really like him

    • That's the point) I did love him a lot!) He drove me crazy!) I couldn't resist or anything) I was shocked when it happened...

    • well you don't so shut up

    • "Well you don't so shut up"

      I'm going to have to agree. Maybe you just aren't that attracted to him.

      You can like someones personality without being attracted to them physically.

      This is totally the best answer haha

  • Maybe you were shocked that he kissed you

    • No) I expected it since we started to hang out together)

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  • If you didn't feel anything with the kiss it may mean you two might be meant to be just friends.Sounds like no chemistry because he could kiss another girl and she may have a total different opinion than you do. Either its there or its not..and it don't sound like its not there for you on that level

  • this is exactly what happened to me on my first kiss a week ago! He's had many girlfriends but he openly admitted that he was nervous about kissing me. we have been best friends for years and recently I've liked him more then a friend (although I think he likes me more then I like him) he was so nervous and excited and I was.. well.. giggly but calm. I couldn't really swoop in for the kiss so I was glad he took over and kissed me.

    But I realized there was no spark at all. it was like he was softly squishing my lips (it was like a prolonged peck. no tongue) I don't know if I did it wrong. I felt light headed after the kiss but a little disappointied on how boring it was. if anybody could give me advice of any sort it would be helpful. I'm glad I'm not the only one having this problem..

  • It means you're not really into it or attracted to him. Your body, and it's reactions don't lie. I would stop seeing him. This has happened to me before and the attraction didn't grow over time. Turned out to be a waste of both of our's time.

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