Boyfriends female friend doesn’t want to meet me. Should I be worried?

She susually not the outgoing type anyways but regardless that my boyfriend emphasized it was important to our relationship, she didn’t want to.

Boyfriend doesn’t want to stop talking to her and hanging with her one on one.(I’m not making him).

But the girl literally goes out with her guy friends etc.

So should I be concerned?
Also I’m not mean at all. I also have a lot of guy friends cause they’re easier to conversation with. I’m awkward but still try to be outgoing and make friends. It makes me uncomfortable with their relationship


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  • She may be the type of girl that simply hates other women and prefers the company of men for that reason. I'm not a big believer of guy/girl friendships being 100% platonic so this is the point of your relationship where you just have to trust him. If this girl has any sort of sexual appeal, you might want a short leash for him.

    • Just curious, but if a girl only wants to hang with guys, what reasoning makes you believe it's not 100% platonic? Again I'm curious in the reasoning

      But yeah she did say she doesn't mix well with girls except for the one she has. The rest of her friends are guy friends who, according to my boyfriend, only want more than a friendshup with her

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    • Sooo... is this something I should worry over?

    • "Worry" is a strong word and an emotion than can lead to over reacting and jumping to conclusions. I would certainly be aware of what they are up to and keep on eye on him. Hanging out one on one is a red flag to me that I do not allow my wife to do with her male friends, and she equally does not let me do with any female friends I might have. (I don't). The real issue is the general social ranking system. I believe girlfriends and boyfriends should have higher rank than even the best of friends. So his priority should be to make and keep you happy and spend time with you first and foremost. It seems like this female friends holds an equal rank to you with him. So the problem is he now knows he has to separate you from her and doesn't seem to realize any issues with that. If he hangs with her, I would have a rule that others have to be there too. If he has a problem with that, then ask him why they would need to be alone and privately together?

  • Monitor the Situation, but I don't see any reason to worry. Just makes her look bad.

    • Am I crazy or would that make her a terrible friend? 😒 my boyfriend told her that it was important to our relationship and she didn’t bother anyways. MY BOYFRIEND HELPS COMFORT HER AND IS A FRIEND TO HER so why is it hard to do this little thing. I’m not even expecting to be friends with her or hang with her always. Just at least get to know her so I know who’s hanging with my boyfriend

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    • The insecure part is my own issue though and I plan on seeing s counselor to help out with that

    • OK, I am glad you have a solution and she is no longer around.

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