Is this a mutual ghosting?

I've been talking to a guy for almost 3 months. We've seen each other two times and we had sex. I really liked him and I wanted a relationship, but he wasn't sure what he wanted. He wasn't asking to see me again, but he would call me and text me every day. I got a little bored of only talking so I stopped initiating contact (even tho it was mostly him initiating) and it's been 3 days now since we last talked. I guess he also realized that this is going nowhere and decided to ghost me too. I don't justify his actions so far, I think he should've been completely honest from the start that the relationship won't happen, instead of leading me on. But I don't blame him for ghosting, it's like he read my mind that I don't want to talk anymore anyways. I'm sad that the relationship didn't happen, but I'm okay with ghosting.
Is this a mutual ghosting?
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