What's your take on "MGTOW"? Men going their own way?

Definition:Going Their Own Way is a mostly pseudonymous online community of men supported by websites and social media presences cautioning men against serious romantic relationships with women, especially marriage. The community is part of what is more broadly termed the manosphere.

What I think:

MGTOW "movement " as they call it is stupid. Men have exhibited this behavior for decades without the "MGTOW" title. The tables have now turned where women dont need you, can care for themselves, and make more money than men, dont settle.

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And no I'm not "men bashing". I'm just giving my opinion in men apart of this particular group.
I'm very disappointed at the fact that people dont know the difference between MGTOW and feminism. its not comparable. How can you be a man or woman and not know wtf is going on. that's scary.


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  • I've looked into both sides over the years.
    Feminism has it's valid points.
    MGTOW and Red Pill groups have their valid points as well.
    There are also extremists in both groups (Feminists and MGTOW ) that are pushing some bullshit as well.
    They take it little too far and forget that both sexes areccapable of some pretty nasty shit.
    I just take whatever truth I can find from it.
    After being in a toxic marriage and being completely taken advantage of I can relate to some of their stories.
    Not all of it, but there's definitely truth to some of it.

  • Okay first off it is not a movement as there are no leaders. It is a philosophy, one of many ways to live ones life.

    These men have chosen to simply not ever get married. They have chosen to remain Bachelors. That's it, that is the one golden rule of Mgtow. Anything more than that, it is up to each individual male to decide what he wants to do with his life.

    Now since my wife died 4 years ago and I outright refuse to get married again. I can be considered Mgtow. You are calling me stupid for this choice.

    I refuse to date women, I refuse to sleep with women, I refuse to help women. I refuse to protect women, I refuse to provide for women, I refuse to speak to women. All of these things are my choice to make and calling me stupid only validates my reasoning why I made these choices. It is my life and I will do with it as I please, not as how you want me to.

    Mgtow men do not care what you call them, they do not care what you think of them. Your opinion is worthless to them. They have left the plantation and do not care that you are having a little hissy fit, stomping your feet and making a scene for attention.

    So go ahead and call me a coward for not wanting to get married again. Go ahead and call me stupid for choosing to remain single. Go ahead and use shaming language against me. Go ahead and project all the vile crap your sadistic brain can conjure because I made a choice to remain a bachelor and not marry again after my wife died. Your worst can never ever come close to the pain and heart break I have lived.

    • Well then have sex with each other.πŸ˜‚ I don't care I'm just saying.

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    • Men have options, such as sex robotic companions, Calls girls, One night stands (should guy choose to), or toss one off. I' just saying. But to automatically say "just have sex with each other" shows how flippant and closed minded you are about men and the issues facing men. I'm just saying.

    • First off - I am VERY sorry to hear of your loss. It must be extremely difficult. Second - the fact that you are making the choice not to be a white knight is completely your call and nobody should shame you for it. Be yourself and be proud. Take care of YOU first.
      A quick aside if you please:
      I get so sick and tired of the shaming women do for calling guys 'gay' who choose to either be celibate or take care of their needs in non-homosexual ways. It simply reveals the level of intelligence we are dealing with. That makes about as much sense as men saying that women in the same situation are all lesbians.

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  • let them get on with it it doesn't effect me or what i have planned for my life. when guys go MGTOW i immediately think, what do they think we are missing out on exactly. they are not any more special or better than anyone else, everyone has their own believes or inflated sense of self to the point they can only see from their level of perception. Only if you are lacking in yourself you will need a man to fill that void. It sucks to be alone but it's not worth the hassle half the time.
    let people get on with their own peculiar shit, walk away from those that don't serve you and enjoy little things in life despite the crazy shit going on. <3

    • i saw your comments on other replies and you don't think feminism is anything like MGTOW? you need a reality check. it USED to be about womens rights and equality, now it's more about fuck men and any of their rights... the world is beyond repair, get over it. there we go that clears that up ^_^

    • there are just certain things in life not worrying about because shit will never change. you can however change who you let into your space, let into your head, let into your heart etc etc the list goes on.
      in my opinion feminism and mgtow are as bad as each other these days and things i don't want to associate with. i'm me, i got problems, i feel pain and been hurt and yet i don't need to stand behind a cult to know that. truth is we're all a little fucked up. alright that's all from me lol take care

  • They are the same as feminists. Both sides have bitterness towards the opposite sex and seem to believe that they're so oppressed by the other. Neither side are honest about the bad sides of their own sex, only the opposite sex, and therefore are almost never balanced. That's why people compare them.

    Take the idea of male privilege for example. Feminists often say that men are privileged and they can't see their privilege. Often with MGTOWs this is true because they think that life is so easy for women and that we have no problems when we obviously do, they think that they have no advantages over us which they do. This is because they're so focused on their own problems. Feminists are the same. We have our own privileges and advantages that men don't have, and men have many problems that we don't have, but feminists don't see that either for the same reason.

    If people were more able to see the other side's points and stop focusing so much on their own, trying to play victim olympics with the opposite side, there wouldn't be so much animosity between the two groups. Why can't we all just agree that we're all eating a giant shit sandwich?


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  • I don't understand why they don't try harder to meet women, to think outside the box.

  • So, basically MGTOW in a nut shell. Men who go their own way are men who are sick and tired of the bullshit women put them through. For example, women who get pregnant by another man but are forced to pay child support for a kid that isn't there's. Men who get fucked by divorce from women who have cheated on them. Men who are tried of dating cheaters. Men who end up in verbal and physically abusive relationships with women. It's about men standing up for themselves and moving on. Unlike femnazis whi want to force unrealistic ideas on the world mgtow is men basically saying "we've had enough of your shot and we dont need you" so basically that individual makes choice to either not deal with women or start looking for women who have respect for a man and respect for the relationship. As far as agreeing with them or disagreeing with them, unless your a man in a relationship like that with one of these "women" you probably dont know what it's like since society always favors the females and tends to take the female side so what other choice do these men who have been in these relationships that are tired of dealing with women like this can do? And there you have MGTOW.

    • Too bad.. the man wouldn't have been placed in this position if he kept his dick to himself

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    • Blaming the man*

    • I find it interesting that a guy would downvote me. I guess he is okay with women taking advantage of men.

  • If they get popular, I wouldn't be surprised. Just like the Proud Boys, it's a group that is basically the has stances that are polar opposite of the "Progressive" left. Wouldn't be surprised if men just got tired of Feminazi bullshit and had a huge movement to not be involved with women anymore. Sad reality, but I'm not surprised if it happened.

    • Men have been that way for decades. all men want is sex. at this point women dont care about them, make their own money, and can care for themselves. The table have turned and men are bitter over it. its no where near feminism. doesn't compare

    • I don't see any way why I would believe your argument when you make super generalizations like, "All men want sex". Okay, if I found only ONE male in the world that doesn't want sex from a female, there goes that argument. You're stating your argument like it's present fact. It's fucking not. That's why I had a hypothetical argument. IF it happens, I wouldn't be surprised. Because society at the moment is batshit crazy in my opinion.

  • The last article you wrote did a pretty good job of describing women going their own way and why women don't need men anymore. MGTOW is a natural reaction to the destructive words and behavior that men have had to listen to from women going back to the late 1960's. So guess what? We don't need women either!

    • Men can't live without sex. unless you guys screw each other in the butt.

    • there is also, sex robot companions, call girls, fleshlites, tossing one off. And yes, men can actually live while out sex.

  • I agree with it in general but there are still good women left. They are not career oriented and they are not socialist/commie/sjws. Those women are just for sex. And tbh, men don't need to get married any more. That ship has sailed, sorry ladies only a loser will marry you. But to write off women completely? Nah I like sex.

    • 🀣🀣🀣 you're a loser and you're not married

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    • I recommend listening to gillette - mr personality. it's totally your jam :P i had to take another shot sorry. guns empty now have a nice day

    • @sugar girl he is beyond retarded

  • No, from my understanding, MGTOW is supposed to be about a man putting himself first. That's how I saw it.
    I am not MGTOW. I do go my own way, but I have a lady to go with me.
    Lots of other dudes used it to bash women in the same way that women use feminism to bash men.
    It's all sad.

  • It's perfectly understandable. With the system rigged against men at virtually every turn, it's a bigger mystery as to why more men aren't MGTOW.

    • It's not rigged. men have been over everything in society and have used sex in order for women to climb the latter in their careers. especially in entertainment. Men are just getting what's coming to them and women are fighting back

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    • 10/10 trolling. If you're actually serious then you have issues. I actually hope you're not. Good laugh though.

    • 10/10 insecure. Dont like my post u can leave. i cater to no one. blocked

  • Well one I think its a big sign that women like yourself should not overlook. Men are biologically wired to cater to women, to sacrifice for women to want/need women to feel fulfilled, now they are abandoning women. That says a lot. Your reaction does as well. For one thing it give a hint of why they are walking away from women but also that your words are rather hollow. If you didn't need them you wouldn't be upset, you would be indifferent after all you don't need them and it will have no impact on you, yet it does clearly bother you, maybe not a significant amount but enough. The fact is you do need men this is just an undeniable fact, without men you have no society, you will die, period. So on a personal level you can claim you don't and maybe its some what true (you won't be happy but you will be able to live, well live within the society that is built and maintained by men (statistically speaking)), but on a large scale level men walking away is quite detrimental. See society relies on men for several reasons, one is that men over produce. Statistically men are responsible for almost 70% of all income generated YET women are responsible for 80% of all spending meaning that women spend their own money but spend mens money even more. Its also been shown that on average men produce 200x more in taxes while women are a net loss (being more likely to use welfare, have lower paying jobs, work less and push for more social programs (which again, take money from men and redistribute it to primarily women (hence you being able to claim that you can live without men, you can because you believe that you can take the resources and wealth of men and the benefits that come with them (if your even aware of what is happening, its possible you don't even realize that's what is happening) creating society and maintaining it (we don't have female miners or oil rig workers, barely any in construction (and the few that do are not doing the physically intense work), police, fire, and military, etc. etc.)). Another reason that we need men in society is to defend and protect as well as do all the physical demanding and dangerous jobs as women will NOT do them (as statistics show). So that's why this bothers you, because if men stop being engaged they stop working, they stop innovating they stop producing and that is a very bad thing (for women but also for society as a whole).

    • The other issue is that if you where to ask WHY they do this it would lead to women having to tale a good hard look at themselves and I don't think many women want to do that because they are afraid of what they will find. The fact is, as I pointed out to begin with, men are wired to be essentially servants of women, its why men sacrifice mind and body for women, so when they walk away from women that means they are suffering quite a bit. If you look at laws you will notice that this is in fact the case. Look at society, what reward is their for men being involved with women? Society tells us routinely that we are evil, that we are the worse thing to happen to the world and has effectively erased our entire history of sacrifice, of working 100 hours a week to provide for our families (historically speaking, the 40 hour work week is actually a rather new institution (past 100 years, maybe a little less)), of using our own bodies as human shields, of dying to protect women.

    • It then replaced it with one of we where violent abusers (ironic considering that the last man publically flogged for domestic violence was in the 1950s meanwhile according to the CDC/NCVS 70% of all nonreciprocal violence between intimate partners is perpetrated by women against men) and oppressors (even though men where forcibly conscripted into various dangerous jobs while women where not) etc. So culturaly and socially their is no gain, we here nothing but praise for women no matter what she does she is praised and men are only insulted and ridiculed. If you look at reproduction men have no rights women have all of them, same goes with parental rights and in divorce men are the ones who pay usually an insanely high amount to women. Its even perfectly legal for a woman to knowingly lie about paternity to steal a mans money. Then when men mention this they get treated well exactly as you have treated them, with hostility and derision.

    • Now, is MGTOW the right way to resolve these problems? In my opinion no. I think its a bad move that is essentially waiting for the problem to fix itself which will not happen while not discouraging the behavior (and legal lobbying) of femininst that have caused these situations in the first place. Its quiting without trying. I think it also causes the dating pool to become more contaminated, increasing the amount of PUA and male feminist types who just exacerbate the situation to a significant degree. They will inevitably fuel the very sentiments that caused them to walk away to begin with and they will also take with them the women who are not part of these misandrist groups. They are essentially making themselves less happy, not resolving the problem and ensuring that would be allies, people who share their ideals will be turned against them. But that doesn't mean they don't have a point or that their complaints are invalid.

  • Get used to it. Times are changing. So often now if you ask a single guy if they want a woman the response is hell no! Guys still crave sex but are no longer interested in the drama and BS associated with being in a serious relationship. MGTOW was born out of men being fucked over in divorce court and till the laws are changed it will continue to grow.

    • Get used to it?πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ men dont have many options. us women do. do I care about these mgtow? No, I dont date pussys. they sound like pussys to me. what are they gonna do butt fuck each other? lol they'll always need a womanπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

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    • πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£

    • Well I am not going to give up because of what the MGTOW people say. The way I see it just leaves more women for me to choose from. lol...

  • Together with feminism it is the strongest force in the western world that tries to convince men and women not to procreate. It only makes material arguments like feminism does, it only cares about immediate financial well being and assets. It cares not about community building. It is terribly accelerationist and reactionary.

    • Feminism in my opinion is way different from mgtow. women have never had right like men have. weve always been encouraged to get married, have kids, dont get an education, and be housewives. Men have never experienced what we have. mgtow doesn't compare

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    • Honestly, there is NO law that says women can't do anything.
      If so, name one.

    • @SouthernGirl23 so your saying men where never encouraged to get married and have kids? Thats absurd, that is completely absurd, they where always pushed towards it. They never had more rights then women, but they sure as hell had more responsibilities. Women couldn't vote? Neither could men. The only reason why you can claim that women didn't have the right to vote is because men got it a whole 67 years before women did and even then it was only because they where forced against their will to go into the military and form bucket brigades and posses etc. Women actively fought AGAINST their right to vote because they didn't want the responsibilities that men had. Women where able to do what ever they want and had fewer restriction then men had.

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  • No offense to real men, but it's bunch of bitter bitches who claim to be going there own way but complain about women and feminism 95% percent of the time. If you're mgtow and going your own way, then why are you talking/complaining about women/marriage/dating my man? Go off the grid like you said you were and just go your own way. Stop worrying about stuff you've claimed to leave behind, if i was a man that was mgtow I would be enjoying my life as a single, non married, childless man who made his paper. I would have hobbies, i would hit my friends, and hell depending on my job.. I would do some traveling If I could. So for the mgtows still talking about women... you're not really mgtow.. just admit your're a bitter, lonely, sexual frustrated man that wants to be loved and possible have a girlfriend/wife and kids but your past or society views have greatly messed you up. For the mgtows that ARE actually going their own way and not complaining about women and feminism ever 24/7 high five cause your actually living up to what your're doing.

  • The problem isn't that they don't date. It's that they use this as an excuse to be sexist towards women. One on this site told me that women are only useful as "sex toys, personal maids, and baby-making machines".
    ~ Mrs Manson

  • I do not have anything against those who are actually going their own way, good for them, if they are happier alone so be it. But the ones who just cannot stop bitching around about women are annoying as fuck.
    And they also make the whole movement stand in a damn bad light.

  • I think the MGTOW movement is dumb for the most part. A lot of them seem to be whiners. Some of them have sense tho.
    But honestly... they have no affect on my life at all. So I don’t really care.

  • I agree, just a bunch of incels who had to come up with some funky little title for their sad situation because they thought that would somehow help them get over it or provide them with some sort of excuse to shift the blame for it.. It's whatever though, they're most not gonna reproduce so the next generation won't have to worry about as many of them.

  • So the male version of Feminism basically.

    • No not. feminism goes beyond complaining. Feminism is history. Fighting for rights we never had and societal expectations. You're a woman girl. come on you should know that

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    • @hell thank you 😘

    • I still really have no interest in either with how people are treating each other over it. :/

  • I think it's foolish

  • I dont really have an opinion about it.


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