Are men still acting like men today?

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What Happened to Men being Men?


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Women in the west do not generally abide by gender roles, yet expect men to. Women in the west today don’t act like delicate flowers for a lot of them are proud sluts who act entitled and bitchy. Women do not get to physically slap or strike men and expect no repercussions. If a woman acts like a woman, the I’ll treat her with chivalry and respect. If she wants to act like a man, then I’ll treat her as such. So many women I’ve dated expect so much, yet don’t put out what they should in return.

I’m a former Marine, and ghetto street cop. I’m around alpha type A personalities all day and have grown up in the environment. I take pride in being a man, but a man in my opinion doesn’t change himself in order to appease a woman’s needs. A man constantly strives to be the best version of himself, and is unapologetically himself.

If a mans personality doesn’t align with your typical definition of what’s considered masculine, then the weakest thing he could do is change himself. When I went to college I studied engineering, and befriended a lot of guys who would be considered nerds. They didn’t really workout, and they dedicated most all of their time to studying. They created some amazing shit in the field today as I still stay in contact with them. That doesn’t make them weak. They are simply different and perform in different ways. I don’t see them as inferior.

If you’re an emotional guy, then find a way to channel that emotion in a healthy way and be proud of who you are man. Mike Tyson the famous boxer is one of the most emotional guys you could meet. Yet, he’s one of the most badass fighters and one of the baddest dude on the planet. If you’re outspoken and extroverted, then embrace it. If you’re introverted and reserved, embrace it. Don’t ever change yourself and your values for a woman. Be unapologetically you man and never let a woman change that.

Are men still acting like men today?
Are men still acting like men today?
Are men still acting like men today?
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