My crush thinks I hate him?

I have a crush on a guy in my college and he has no idea. I’m a very shy person so when I like someone I tend to avoid them. I have one same class as my crush. Normally, I get to class earlier than him. When he arrives, he would come and sit next to me every single time. I don’t think he knows I like him, he’s just friendly. Then a few days ago, I happened to get to class later than him and of course I was too shy to go sit next to him so I sit a few rows behind him. He looked at me once and never say anything then left in a hurry after class. Since then, he haven’t come sit next to me anymore and it’s been a week. I heard from a mutual friend that my crush thinks I don’t like sitting next to him or talk to him and he doesn’t want to bother me so he stops sitting next to me. How do I change this? I like it when he sits next to me he’s totally interpretting this wrong!
My crush thinks I hate him?
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