Is it hard for a woman to find love for the first time ever in their late 40´s?

When I mean first time I mean really first time as at that age most men and women have alrady settled families have already relationship experiences, , kids or grown up kids, so it is highly unlikely a woman that age will find s single guy who is not taken and if she does is either with families or divorced, and that woman wants a guy who is not committed, totally single to avoid problems if that woman run into a man at that age who is committed or families, etc etc

Is it the same for a woman to find love late in life than a men late in life?

There is a lady friend who is 47 and she has never really being loved or she has not also had love a guy before. She is single, never been married or engaged or any of that before and no kids. For her age for obvious biological reasons she ruled out having kids but also at a certain age a person dont have the energy or patience anymore as if they were younger to raise kids or much less babies. So having kids is out of the question for this friend much less to get involved in a serious relationship cause that leads to marriage and marriage she does not want to now as almost formally dating leads to marriage.

My friend had always had the worst luck in the love/romance/affection field in her life. Back when she was much younger in her 20 or 30´s or even early 40´s, she never really experienced the dating phase any man or woman goes through at soem point in our lives. So she lacks of that kind of experience with 0 guys in her life. The reason she had never had boyfriends, dates in her past, noone of that happened in her life, she was never pursued either by guys when she was much much younger, she was a really shy lady who always were embarrassed to pursue guys, she was always of the idea or raised that guys should do the chasing if they were interested., if they did not make a move first it meant they simply were not interested period.

So that is what happened cont...
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to this friend when she was much younger and as she was growing up as well.

My friend is clear that current times are different so she does not mind casually dating with soemoen she does know of course, not strangers as part of experiencing something she never went through when she was much younger, this is part of life she says.

But my poor friend not even casual had been successful to her now. She met a guy for the first time just 4 years ago (she lost her virginity to him at 47 just last Dec
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also single but with never the intention of marriage or having something serious or formal, she was fine with it as she did not want to marry either.

They did go out on a few dates even had sex twice and the dates were always great But after 4 years of knowing the guy who gave her signals he was also interested, he kind of ghosted her just 3 weeks after their last date who was super great between them, this happened 4 months ago. She says she was born to be single as at her age now is harder.
Is it hard for a woman to find love for the first time ever in their late 40´s?
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