Women, what do you think of feminine men in dating?

Women of GAG:
1. What do you think of feminine men?
2. Do you've different preferences in feminine personality and looks?
3. Why do you like or dislike feminine men?

With feminine personality I mean:
Emotional, sensitive, talkative, verbal, finds fashion, art and aesthetics important, loves to cook, clean houses etc.

With feminine looks I mean:
Fine small facial features, less strong jawline, less body hair, long hair, long eyelashes, not very muscular, short etc.

Examples on feminine looking male celebrities:
Reeve Carney, Zane Carney, K-pop stars, Petrovich Gesha, young Leonardo Dicaprio, Justin Bieber and Harry Styles.

Examples on masculine looking males:
Older Brad Pitt, Henry Caville, John Cena and older David Beckham.
Reeves Carney
Reeves Carney
Petrovich Gesha
Petrovich Gesha
Young Jared Leto
Young Jared Leto
I likes them (Explain Why)
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I don't find them attractive (Explain Why)
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I likes a feminine personality, but not looks (Why)
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I likes a feminine look, but not personality (Why)
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Other (Explain What & Why)
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Women, what do you think of feminine men in dating?
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