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My boyfriend puts hunting before me?

hey all hunters!! so my boyfriend is 25 and i'm 20. we have been together 8 months and he told me since day 1 that during hunting season all he does is hunt, but i never realized what kind of toll that would put on me. we used to see each other everyday and now i'm lucky to see him 6 hours a week. whenever i ask him to hangout he always says no he's hunting, or after hunting, and makes it very known. he's constantly talking about hunting and he always shoves it in my face that hunting is his first priority right now, but i think he says it jokingly to tease me. on the bright side, he said he wouldn't go hunting to go to my grandparents to meet them and have Thanksgiving dinner together. pretty much my question here is does any other girl have experience with this? does any other guy do this? i'm just trying to understand so i can take it better.
My boyfriend puts hunting before me?
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