Girls, Would You Date Someone My Height?

Hello, everyone! I'm 18 and I'm joining the air force. So, lately, I have been bitching about my height. I'm 5'7.5 and I really dislike this height. I've been stuck at this height since I was 13 (yeah, 5 years straight of zero growth on height). I been trying to accept my height because I don't see a growth spurt happening anytime soon. Not only that, I'm quarter Asian. Also, this is the worst part too. I have a half brother who has a different father than me. His dad is 5'6 and my mom is 5'2. And somehow, he's 6'1. My dad is 6'0 and same mom; and somehow, I'm 5'7.5. Shit makes zero sense. So, I would like to know if most girls do accept my height when it comes to dating.
Girls, Would You Date Someone My Height?
Yes, I would date someone who is 5'7.5
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Nope, you better go in that kitchen and drink some milk. 🤣😂
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Girls, Would You Date Someone My Height?
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