Why do PUA coaches have such a bad rep?

Recently I've been getting more and more intersting in the art of pickup and like every guy that goes through this phase I took to youtube to learn what I can.

I found many helpful advices from guys who have been doing this for a long time, some advices are not so good but you can generally tell when a person actually knows what they're talking about or just preaching something they made up.

And honestly pickup when done right is all about positivity, even when they tell you to "neg" a girl the end goal is to have a thrilling experience for both you and her.

They get this rep of being manipulative and misogynistic and all that but not once did I see a coach say "ok now you're gonna lie and say this so that she thinks that. Or you're gonna pretend you're super rich by posing with a car that's not yours or any other kind of dishonest behavior.

And coming from a guy who struggled with socializing growing up, never had a girlfriend, was on the path of ending up alone as a bitter old man, so far pickup has taken me in a year much further than I went in the rest of my life.

So what's the deal with PUA and hate it catches? Can someone rationally explain to me why it's so hated?
Why do PUA coaches have such a bad rep?
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