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We clearly like each other. 💜 Should I kiss him or wait and see where it goes?

We clearly like each other. 💜 Should I kiss him or wait and see where it goes?
So me and this guy at work really hit it off. He's 24 and I'm 21. We started talking about art and then anime, then games and suddenly went to ice cream! We were so random. And we still are!😄
We had such good chemistry and nothing felt forced. Tbh I could feel our coworkers thinking: "Get a room u two."😂
We have so much in common and he's always is excited to see me. As am I to see him. We've hung out multiple times, cuddled, held hands, and I even spent the night at his house. We spend our breaks together and whenever I don't feel well he gets me water or medicine. He's a big old sweetheart.😊💜
We obviously like each other but we haven't said anything. I tried to get my feelings across so he'd ask me out by sneaking him a kiss on the cheek and then saying bye right before my three day break for Christmas😂 That was gonna give him something to think about.😂 But we just texted like normal.
Were very comfortable around each other and I want him to be comfortable with me enough to ask. I'm also afraid to ask but I kinda want to ask if he wants to go on a date. So instead of using words I was thinking that after we hang out in the next two days on Wednesday, i sneak him a peck on the lips instead of the cheek. I've only kissed one guy before so i'm not very confident but I wanna try.

Should I do this or wait and just have fun like we've been doing? And wait for him to take the lead on this? My coworkers keep saying: "Get jiggy with it girl😂" But that's not my style and they know it.
What should I do?
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I forgot to mention that my friend went undercover and did say that he was thinking about asking me out. I would never ask or be so bold to aks this question if I wasn't sure.

But I'm not gonna kiss him. I'm gonna enjoy what were doing now cause we have a lot of time and he's even said that he just wants to spend time with me. And I want to soend time with him so I don't want to move too fast.
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2 days ago he said he wanted to take me on a date, so I asked him what exactly our relationship was. He said: "Yeah, what is our relationship?" Apparently he's been wanting to talk to me about stuff just as much as I've been wanting to talk to him.

We went to his house and talked for an hour about important stuff before a relationship. And we are now dating!! Its official!!
We clearly like each other. 💜 Should I kiss him or wait and see where it goes?
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