Ghosted a girl but miss her?

I had a crush on this girl at uni. Never spoke to her though nor made a move but she was so beautiful that I always would stare at her. She's totally my type too.

She approached me, we exchanged numbers and she made a lot of effort. Asking me to let her know if I'm free to meet up.
But I was unhappy because we didn't get sexual or intimate which is what I wanted predominantly. I had a lot of lustful thoughts over her and I don't want a relationship. Simply sexual relationships.
I have been dating around and speaking with other girls out of which I do hook up with 2 of the girls.

With the other girls, I didn't have much in common in chemistry. With her, we share lots in common and we have a lot of similar beliefs, opinions and attitude. She even remarked that "you are a lot like me" because of how similar we are.
I tried to make her jealous by dropping the fact that I meet my female friends and even by pointing out at a random girl during our last conversation.
She didn't react which made me mad. Annoyingly, she kept asking me if I was warm enough in my jacket when we were outside.

I cut her off even though she asked me to let her know if I would be available. Never replied to her and just left her on read.

She never contacted me again even though i was hoping she would contact me during the holidays and new year.

I'm still seeing other girls but I kinda miss her. I still have her number saved so what should I do?
Ghosted a girl but miss her?
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