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Guys, is virginity attractive?

If you met and went on dates with two women and then discover that they are both equally very compatible with you and they are equally attractive looking to you, would you choose to be in a serious relationship with the virgin one or the non-virgin one?
Guys, is virginity attractive?
I choose the virgin.
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Some of you guys said you ONLY want virgin women but you yourselves are not even virgins so... that does not add up to me, shouldn't you get what you give, it's not fair to want ONLY a virgin partner when you yourself aren't a virgin, If you aren't a virgin then you should take what you get virgin or not.

That's like saying you want a athletic built partner when you yourself are morbidly obese, that's not fair at all, It makes no sense to want what you cannot offer in return realistically.
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By saying take what you get virgin or not, I am specifically referring to virginity and non virginity only.
Guys, is virginity attractive?
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