Do Girls Really Test Guys?


I met my crush in an arranged date a month ago. We actively exchanged conversations since then (over texts) but we have never gone for a date. From our conversations I can see that she demonstrated signs of interest such as:

1. Engaging conversations where she puts efforts in her responses with lengthy replies, stayed up late at night chatting with me, and replying my texts early in the morning.
2. She asked open-ended questions to keep the conversations going.
3. She shared stories about her day with me.
4. She shared her vulnerabilities and details about her past, plans, and life goals with me.
5. She listens and remembers small details about me.
6. She was keen to know my background and past relationship.
7. She started changing her routine to communicate with me more often.
8. She shows concerns for me.

Everything was alright until recently when I confessed my feeling to her. She did not reject or accept the confession and has been acting hot and cold thereafter. However, I can still see signs of interest in her response although the response is less engaging now.

I am not sure if I confessed my feeling to my crush too early and she has not prepared to handle the situation or she is trying to distant away from me. But based on my understanding, she would normally be upfront to the admirers/matches she wasn't interested/deemed unsuitable in order not to waste their time.

As far as I know, she has been hurt in the past relationship. I wanted to know from girls if there is really a test for guys you are interested especially in the case of premature confession? And for guys, have you encountered such situation before and how did you managed to pass the test?

Thank you.

Do Girls Really Test Guys?
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