He Called Me Stupid On First Date?

First date. I was hanging with him and his friends. They had cocaine. I had only drinks. He was very protected over me.

A girl (she had a boyfriend) asked for my phone number to be friends with me. He stopped her. He said " She cannot put her phone number to your phone" I was like "WHAT?" He said: "What if they're swingers or smth they try to fuck you, you don't know streets and people"

Then we went male stripclub (his friends wish) He got pissed because I wasn't giving him attention I looked at strippers. We had a fight at the car. I said why he fights with me I'm gonna leave. He said "Don't threat me you're stupid" then I left. After he called me when I was Ubering home "Are you safe"

He's been reaching out but he don't apologize he says "you treat me bad all night"

What do you guys think?

He Called Me Stupid On First Date?
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