Should I give up on liking him?


This guy slid into my dms a little over a month ago and we've been talking everyday ever since.

He told me I'm the most genuine person he's ever met, with a pure heart. He's told me how much he loves my personality and my energy. He's told me he finds me pretty and he compliments my intellect all the time.

He sends me good morning texts, gives me updates everywhere he goes and sends me good night texts. He bought a 500 dollar cologne because I told him I like the way it smells on men, he even brought a vile for me because he wanted to me 'try it on my skin'. However, when I asked him if he thinks we'll ever be anything more than friends, he just told me he wants a casual friendship.

Nothings changed since that convo tho. Still good morning texts, good night texts and hourly updates. When I joke around with him about other girls, he says he doesn't want to talk to ANY girls. I have feelings for this man, but I'm afraid I've been friendzoned so bad that we'll never be anything more and keeping him in my life is pointless. Should I just give up or should I wait until he's ready? I really do feel like he could like me too, but I can't get hurt again.

Should I give up on liking him?
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