I'm in love with my friend who got a girlfriend, it's breaking me apart ik it's wrong wtf should I do?

He nd I were in smth like a band together for a competition. We just clicked asap music = love nd like it was a friend thing first he once told his friend that he got a soft corner for me same from me we eventually shared some deep trauma things since according to him we felt emotions same he nd I r in deep depressed we used to talk bout our therapists this that, on the competition day he was so nervous he holded my hand entirely even layed on my shoulder played w my hair I was just happy eventually it turned into love he cares bout me like a sister maybe I don't know I'm dumb lol he got a girlfriend it is wrong. Whenever I cry he just comes nd cheers up me nd we stopped texting after it then he popped up again once saying he was gonna die then I somehow managed to comfort him he said I'm the only one who cares bout him blah blah he loves his girlfriend so much even tho he hv said she is just meh I thought their relationship was bad or sm but it is not I don't wanna be a home wrecker we r very young by the way high school he used to text me every day double text if he didn't get a text back everyday good morning good night with the <333 everything was fine. Until last Thursday I don't know he just dipped he became so dry? Maybe it's just me thinking all the goodnight goodmorning stopped everything stopped i tried to make a conv by sending him a reel of a puppy but no left me on seen. At school he waves at me we talked today he didn't smile didn't look at my face it felt weird maybe it's me I don't know he was saying random shi nd then said bye nd left. I don't know what to do i want him as a friend idc bout boyfriend at this point I just want him it hurts I miss old things I'm worried bout him too he just made me feel alive he used to tell me to come to meet his birds nd we could go to beach the carnival etc carnivals in 4 days we haven't talked lol

1 y
ok I wrote this while I was panicking sorry for the language. Nd I never tried to get into their relationship nd ruin It I always encouraged him to be more open to his girlfriend. It was a nice friendship I never showed my "crush" towards him nd I'm aware of my actions pretty much no one knows about it. Well I'm just confused why he stopped talking with me out of nowhere I was always there for him nd he was there for me.
I'm in love with my friend who got a girlfriend, it's breaking me apart ik it's wrong wtf should I do?
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