Girls, do you care more about money than other qualities/talents in a guy?

I have yet never met a girl so far who cares about a guy's talents/qualities/skills other than the money they have.

If you earn a good amount of money, some so many women will not care about anything of your character, whether you have any hobbies or anything.

It was the norm in high school and college and so far now, irrespective of a girl's attractiveness. I have always seen money as the sole dealbreaker/matchmaker in almost every relationship.

Many of my guy friends got married recently or several years ago, and none of them can cook, clean, or have any real hobbies or talents in anything cultural. Yet they married lovely girls who do everything for them. Of course, don't think I am jealous of them or hate them, I am happy for them. They got enrolled in jobs and earned for families, either after high school or after college.

I am a graduate-level researcher and only live on a Ph. D. stipend and that's always a dealbreaker for everyone. Just after merely knowing about my status I get ghosted, blocked, or never a second date. I know I can't afford lavish cars, high-end apartments, expensive holidays, or restaurants may be one day.

But I have many great talents and hobbies I am an excellent cook, write stories and poems that get published, play some instruments, and can hold a conversation about many topics and so much more but never seen any of the single things that matter to any girl ever.

Even if I know that I will make a good amount in the future, I hate the idea that as a guy all of my identity is solely based on the money I make.

Girls, do you care more about money than other qualities/talents in a guy?
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