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She's everything I wanted but she has a past?


Should I date her and do any of you have girlfriends with a past?

Genuinely I really don't care at all but society keeps telling me should cheat on me or something.

She seems to really like me a lot though and is fighting for me. Im a musician and she films all of my videos and she's been there for me through thick and thin. She seems to really love me and started ignoring the guys from her past because she likes me a lot..

We talked for a bit in the beginning and I kind of blocked her for a bit to gather my thoughts. All of a sudden one of her friends ended up messaging me like "what's wrong with you dude".. Eventually we started talking again and she seems to be the missing piece that fits into my life so perfectly..

My biggest issue is.. With me being so vulnerable I may be taking a risk that may crush me.. I've never been in love before and I never thought I would be but.. I think I might like her a lot.

Please tell me.. Am I being stupid or should I go for it?

She's everything I wanted but she has a past?
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