Did this guy like me and I've hurt his feelings?

ive find it so hard to trust men Because I've been hurt many times . there's this guy who I've liked we get on wel flirt tease each other . then he teased me abt sumthing personal I tld him off ad he didn't like it . I sent a message saying I had feelings 4 him . but then I chickned out ad said I was just jking. anyway I tried to talk to him ad he says he chooses to ignore me Because he doesn't want trouble or hurt me . ad he was quite rude to me I sent a message saying that I really did like you but it proves you dnt feel the same way. then I sent a message saying I was only jking abt liking him ad I like his friend , I tried to talk to him the other day ad he was screaming at me ad excused me of treating him like a low class citizen . did this guy like me and I've hurt his feelings ,


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  • Well he almost most certainly likes you, if he didnt, he wouldn't have got angry. He's feeling rejected and what makes matters worse is he probably feels as if the whole relationship was facade in order to get to his friend. Which unfortunately will probably make things heated between the two of them.

    But you may be able to salvage the situation. There is a few things, firstly you will not be able to talk this situation out, every time he sees you right now, the feelings of rejection and anger will flood his head. So what I would suggest is pretty much texting him your feelings about the situation, your truthful feelings, which means no chickening out, other wise any relationship you two had left you can kiss goodbye. He will without a doubt read the text as his curiosity will get the best of him and once all the facts and feelings about the situation are layed out, you can rest easy because he'll either respond or not and that should be a good enough answer for the future of the relationship. Its a 50/50 shot, but I'am a relentless optimist, so good luck to you!

    • we never had a relationship just friends we were . I did appoligise to him but he told me he wil talk 4 wrk but that's all .but he won't talk to me . he looks angry ad hurt . but wen I tried talking to him got very angry , furious I wd say he tld me if I didn't stop he wd make things difficult 4 me . I dnt knw if he did like me . ad I can't approach him any more because its too stressful . iam not telling him I feel because I dnt knw hw he feels . he bascially tld me he wants nthing 2do with me .

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  • I don't think he likes you enough and probably freaked out at your text. He saw you as a friend & became a little flirty with you but I think, that's all to it. Don't think he thinks of you romantically. You should prob tell him sorry and that you were confused about your feelings and you've sorted them

    out. Tell him you only see him as a platonic friend!

    • i knw he likes me because he's aking personal questions ect . ad wen I tried talking to him he had this hurt look in his eyes . ad he's always asking who I like ect .

    • I guess he probably has the same issues with you. He's afraid to trust others and might have been hurt deeply before. Are you guys still talking? Perhaps the joking text bout liking him made him all insecure & dejected. He might think you really liked him when he received your text but upon receiving the other text about liking his friend. He felt like you used him to get to his friend ( I don't know but I assume) Seems like a misunderstanding. You both should talk it through!:)

    • i tried to talk to talk to him but he got so angry at me he is so furious . we wrk at the same place . we just ignore each other . because he tld me well talk 4 wrk but nothing else . he says he won't tease me any more . he won't talk to me for wrk I just dnt knw hw to react towards him now iam really dissapointed by they way he reacted I said srry ad he's screaming at me ad then excuses me of thinking that he's low class citizen I never said that . I was shocked because he's not like that .