Should I wait for her?



I've met a girl (30yrs) on the internet (dating app), we haven't met yet, just chatting over Messenger. It's been around a month now. I've made it clear that I want to date, just to try to avoid the friendzone-pit.

  • She never iniates contact, but always replies from 1min to 4hours, or next morning.
  • Sometimes we wish eachother goodnight, sometimes she just dies. But we often chat during evening-esrly night.
  • She has mentioned she aren't looking for someone to date right now, just to smalltalk.
  • She has agreed that our chemistry is right.
  • Her last breakup was around New Year 22-23.
  • (This one I smell BS) She don't even wants to talk over phone, her excuse is she's getting so sweaty and nervous. According to her she rarely picks up calls even at work, they'll need to mail it instead. Oh, and also, she rather meet up first before start to make phone calls.
  • She always says no to send a selfies.. But agrees to send photos of her dog, her surroundings, even a complete set of photos of her place/room where she lives - Why would she send photos of how she lives, to someone she's not interested to meet up with?
  • She laughs a lot to what I say, but sometimes I think it's just banters, coz those times she doesn't follows up with comments/questions.
  • She rarely asks me questions, sometimes she asks my question in return.
  • We've both mentioned we don't want to be rebound.

What do you guys think?

Should I wait for her?

9 mo
weird and surprising thing is she today said yes for a date.

I'm both a happy and veery confused soul.
Should I wait for her?
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